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Jade Springart Brings the Rock to Detroit Rock City

Jade“We never want to isolate our female audience and while I can connect with them differently, I can also relate to what men want. Rock N’ Roll isn’t just music, it’s a state of being & it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman.” -Jade Springart

By Carl C. Sundberg

Jade Springart lives for rock n roll. As the music director of one of the most legendary rock radio stations in the country – 101 WRIF – she bring the Rock to Detroit Rock City. She hosts Saturdays from 9a-2p on 101.1 WRIF, middays from 10a-2p on the Riff2, WRIF’s HD2 station, and hosts a new music show The Undercover Sound System Mondays on Riff2 as well. And in true Detroit fashion, Jade Springart worked hard to get here. Rising through the ranks, paying her dues, taking every opportunity she was given and dominating, she seems destined for this line of work. And maybe she was.

As a kid she remembers listening to Karen Savelly and Ken Calvert every day on the radio in Detroit, MI. Once, her mom won a prize on air and Jade thought it was the coolest thing ever to hear her mom talking on the radio. After she graduated high school, she met a couple people who worked in radio and thought it was awesome. In college she pursued an internship in radio. After stepping foot in Great Media Detroit building for her first event, she knew this was what she wanted to do. (more…)