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Scratching the Surface with Through Fire

TFBANDPIClowresThe Through Fire single “Stronger” is one of those records from an emerging new artist that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of core artists’ releases to the Active Rock format. The track has been on the Active Rock chart for 22 weeks and has been a top ten best selling single at the format for the last 6 of those weeks. Sales this week top 1600. Those who are playing the record are driving the sales along with great word of mouth from their live performances and the band had a great reception at the Chicago Open Air Festival. They will be playing a show for WJJO at the Dane County Fair on July 22. New supporting stations are KXXR Minneapolis, WZOR Appleton Wisconsin, and KDOT Reno. The band will begin touring with Nonpoint on July 30, then join Sick Puppies on September 18. KLAQ’s Kevin Vargas had the band to the station for an acoustic lunch and was so impressed that he asked them to play a station function three days later; the official station add followed. Something is cooking here and it’s time to revisit the single in your meeting this week. Enjoy our Artist Profile of the band.Robert England (more…)