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For Better Or Worse – Citizen Zero

Tommy DeBenedictis and co-manager Rick Smith of Wild Justice Management, (guiding last year’s sales break-out band I Prevail), have a great thing going with Detroit’s Citizen Zero.  But if you’re within earshot of the enthusiastic Tommy D, then you’ve already heard the news. The band really brings it live as I saw for myself at Rock on the Range.  If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the single, “Go (let me save you).”  The band’s first major release (Wind-Up/Concord) “State of Mind” is in stores August 12.  Stand out tracks include current single “Go (Let Me Save You),” “Lure and Persuade,” and “When the Rain Comes.”  Check them out on tour, see when when they are coming to your market and bring the band into your studio for an acoustic or plugged in performance….. (more…)