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A Spider in the Dark – Bobaflex

bobaflex“I lost my innocence, but I found the truth.” – Bobaflex

By Carl C. Sundberg

Bobaflex is not the type of band that takes it easy. With six full length albums – seven total – and relentless tour schedules that keeps them on the road more often than not, Bobaflex believes in the power of blood, sweat and tears. Formed in 1998 by brothers and guitarist/vocalists Shaun and Marty McCoy, the band is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. For many bands, these acts alone are a feat. But the McCoy brothers come from a legacy of family honor and strength with ancestral ties to the most infamous family feud in American history between the Hatfield and McCoy families.

The notion of conflict, struggle and fury that fueled that feud remains pumping strong, generations later, in the blood of the McCoy brothers. This is also very clear in Bobaflex’s music and album artwork. Take their latest album, “Anything That Moves” their seventh release, for example. In addition to powerhouse songs that were recorded with no auto tune, no tricks and mostly live, it features an album cover of the sexiest post-apocalyptic world since “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Complete with a scantily-clad female warrior standing in the ruins of a devastated American capitol, holding a couple of wild weapons of mass destruction in each hand, it doesn’t get much more aggressive.