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Razor & Tie Announces Elias Chios as Senior Director of Promotion

(New York, NY) – Elias Chios has been named Razor & Tie’s Senior Director of Promotion, based at the company’s headquarters in New York City. In his new position, he will work to create opportunities and avenues of exposure for all Razor & Tie artists by creating and implementing radio marketing plans.

The announcement was made by Razor & Tie Co-Owners Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam. Chenfeld said, “We are very excited to have Elias join Razor & Tie. Elias is a mart, experienced, well-liked executive and he will be a key player in our efforts to become the leading rock label in the United States.” (more…)


The Dirty But Not Unclean Grooves of Holy White Hounds

HWH-Photo-1-Lindsey-Brynes-smaller-size-980x654We’re dirty but we’re not unclean. We’re mangy, but you’d still let us sleep in your bed.” -Brenton Dean, Holy White Hounds

By Carl C. Sundberg

Holy White Hounds are one of those bands you might want to look into now. If they were a stock, you’d invest. So many bands come out and get tagged with the “buzz-worthy” label, but this time…this time it’s different. Holy White Hounds deserve it. Their feral name best described in their bio by singer and guitarist Brenton Dean: “We’re dirty but we’re not unclean. We’re mangy, but you’d still let us sleep in your bed.” With their unique look, their peculiar vibe and infectious grooves, the quartet from Iowa are about to launch into the stratosphere of the rock world like a magnificent laser beam of glory. Why? Songwriting! Take a listen to their wild, quirky single, “Switchblade” from their upcoming debut album, “Sparkle Sparkle”, which has whiffs of Beck, the swagger of Beastie Boys, the fuzzy punk thunder of Queens of the Stone Age and an epic guitar solo that would turn Jimmy Page’s head. And that’s just one song. Every other song is completely different, utterly surprising, refreshing and fun and just as hard to explain. And every single song even more infectious as the last. (more…)