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The Ascent of Red Sun Rising

rsrlive“You know, it’s always better when you’re growing as a band and you’re seeing success. We’re still in it though.” – Ryan Williams, guitarist Red Sun Rising

By Carl C. Sundberg

When Red Sun Rising hit the stage at Rock on the Range 2016, the crowd was already seething and surging forward to the stage. Throughout the performance, the crowd swayed and sang along, pumped their fists, packing tighter and tighter, and some fans took crowd surfing to the next level, with a young lady literally standing on a shirtless guy, as if he were an actual surfboard, cruising over the top of the crowd toward the stage. Red Sun Rising’s live show is wild, reckless and full of passion. (more…)


Pop Evil Accept RadioContraband Rock Radio Award and Introduce New Drummer

popevilPop Evil Accepts RadioContraband Rock Radio Award for Indie Artist of the Year and Introduces New Drummer – Hayley Cramer – at Rock on the Range 2016

By Carl Sundberg

When the RadioContraband crew got on the Pop Evil tour bus at Rock on the Range 2016 to present them with the Rock Radio Award for Indie Artist of the Year, we weren’t expecting to find out there was a new drummer on the bus. But a few minutes into our interview, we learned that was exactly the case. Hayley Cramer will be replacing Chachi Riot soon. For now, she has been traveling on the road with the band, learning the ropes and getting acclimated to being around the band and crew in their natural environment and soon enough, you will see and hear her behind the kit. (more…)