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The Gritty Thunder and Whiskey Howls of Hounds of Jezebel

Hounds+Of+Jezebel“Sometimes what happens in Vegas, makes it’s way the internet.” -John Curry, Hounds of Jezebel

By Carl C. Sundberg

When The Hounds of Jezebel get the party started, they get the party started right.

As the Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas began to fill for the Awards Ceremony on the final night of the 2016 RadioContraband Convention, something unimaginable to any other awards show was about to happen. A song was about to be played. We’re not talking some auto-tuned diva in a ball gown, no princess chart-topper squeezing out some putrid glitter hit to a bunch of suits checking their smart phones.

No. This was not how the night would proceed.

This night was for rock. And the song, well it was a song so vulgar, so off the charts profane, that it could never be played on the radio without heavy editing and near constant beeps. It was raw. Fast. Loud. And no one was prepared for it. (more…)