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Johnny Maze – A Brief History of a Broadcast Veteran on the Rise

jm head“When I started here [at WZBH 93.5 The Beach] two months ago, I heard Dave [Grohl] owns a home in Rehoboth Beach and visits several times a year. We get Dave sightings from listeners to alert us when he’s in town. If I could meet Dave before Frank Pain, that would be awesome.” – Johnny Maze

By Carl C. Sundberg

At first, Johnny Maze strikes you as a tough son-of-a-bitch, the kind of dude you wouldn’t want to cross. Before your first conversation is over, you realize…he is that guy. What else can you expect from a kid born in Jersey and raised in Houston? But what else you realize is that it’s very clear the guy has a massive heart, sharp sense of humor and complete laser focus when you talk to him. Some people you talk to, you can tell they’re not really listening. They’re waiting for their turn to talk. Not Johnny Maze. When you talk to Maze, he is listening, intensely. To every word you say. It’s at once disarming as it is comfortable. And it is probably the secret key to Maze’s epic career so far and what will carry him even farther. If you want to make it anywhere in the radio business, you have to be able to listen. (more…)