Profile 3By Gary Susalis

Rock N Roll! Mark “Elwood” Mailler here! I was born and raised in beautiful Jersey and a proud Monmouth University Graduate. I am 34 years old and currently live in Chicago. I am the Program Director and Morning Drive Host at WRXQ Q Rock 100.7 right outside of Chicago in Joliet, IL. I got into Rock Radio in college and got my first gig at WCHR The Hawk right on the Jersey Shore (I am not Italian, I’m Polish, so no fist pumping) From there I headed down south to Myrtle Beach, SC and spent many years at WKZQ where I pretty much did all day parts and learned a ton about the business with some great people including my best bud Mason Brazelle. After 7 years at KZQ, my wife was given a promotion to head the finance department at House of Blues Chicago for Live Nation. So I sadly had to leave KZQ and head north to Chicago. After a short run with IHEART radio and Good Day Chicago TV, I was given the chance to host Morning Drive at WRXQ and jumped all over it. Worked side by side with great programmers and personalities such as Mark Zander, Tim Dukes, and more. In 2014 I became Program Director and decided to make a change as WRXQ was a Classic Rock Format. I slowly began playing more Active Rock, 90s, and 2000s to move the format forward in the Rock Radio World. Huge Thank you to John Perry of WIIL who let me annoy him on a daily basis for info and more.  The last 4 years have been some of the most exciting years in my radio career and can’t wait to see what’s next!

What inspired you to pursue a career in the Music/Radio industry?
I have always been a huge fan of all types of music. I love the power it can have over everyone, from the moment a song raises all the hair on your body, putting on headphones on a horrible day to escape, cranking it up loud when everything is great and its time to party.

Music is always there for you no matter what and I wanted to help spread those feelings to others. The moment you can make someone laugh or just put a smile on their face is priceless. I did the whole band thing, and lets be honest, that’s a whole lot harder lol. I love music, I love talking music, and I love Live music. Radio is perfect for me, and I can not see myself doing anything else.

What is your long term goal in the music business?
To Program a powerhouse Rock Station that rules the airwaves. Having the ability to spread the love of up and coming bands, rock out to the veteran bands, while continuing to give back to the local communities using radio. oh Yea…and actually make some money! Give listeners experiences that they could only dream of and will never forget.

Congratulations again on winning UNDER THE RADAR PD/MD OF THE YEAR! What does the award mean to you?
Seriously means the world to me. Being at RadioContraband talking to professionals in the Rock World is a truly unique experience on it’s own. We come from all over the country, but we all have the same passion. A real Rock Family feel for sure. So, to win that award means that all those people in the industry have noticed the hard work and passion I put into everyday is a feeling I can not describe. And it actually made me work even harder cause the last thing you want to do is let down anyone who voted for you.

Has any artist ever left you speechless during an interview or a meet and greet? How did you manage to save face?
Most artist in the Rock N Roll community are so easy to deal with and usually are very down to earth, but their will always be a few that wont get off their throne. I am not gonna throw the artist or band under the bus, but I once hosted a meet and greet for about 50 people and the band decided to do it after the show…YUP Like 2 hours after the show. As the fans waited, waited, and waited the band finally came out, sat behind a table and never even looked up at anyone. They didn’t even sign their names on the posters, just drew stupid things. It was embarrassing for me, the station, and I felt awful for all their fans…Save Face? I dropped all their songs!

Even though we are not rockstars, we all have our own little rockstar moments. What are your 3 favorite moments?
1. I got the amazing surprise of ANDREW WK coming out to guest DJ my wedding.

2. Sitting down with Tom Morello back stage at a show and talking for at least an hour about music, life, and more. Such an awesome dude, and that’s an interview I will never forget.

3. Has to be hearing my name being called by the legendary Lou Brutus at The RadioContraband Rock Radio awards. Then proceeding to get black out rock n roll drunk! Shout out to Lorraine Caruso and FREAK for getting my ass to bed. Its Rock N Roll, right?

Your phone has just been hacked by Fox News. What deep, dark secret are they about to expose?
Ohhhh God… As a fan of all music types there are plenty of bands and songs on there that bring me to tears… I tend to pass out wayyyyy to often…like wherever I am at the time. There are a lot of photos of my random sleeping habits…

BONUS QUESTION: What do you miss most about NJ?
My Family and friends for sure are number one. We get so caught up in life that I really wish I could go home more. And…Real PIZZA, BAGELS, and that Jersey attitude. There is nothing else like it in the country. Only the strong survive!