“Real Rock Nights” is the brainchild of KSHP-DB’s Alan “Shep” Shepherd, and is an idea that was born out of necessity rather than his “want” to return as a radio air-talent.

After searching for quality rock shows currently in syndication, it became apparent that there were very few that entertained the idea of being on a digital station. A large hole existed for professional DB specialty shows.

“Real Rock Nights” is a three hour weekly show that caters to “Digital Broadcast” stations, but, with his 30 years of experience, is professionally suitable for Active Rock FM stations as well.

The show is based on the same programming theory as his station KSHP-DB. You will hear many indie, and even some unsigned bands, as well as many charting artists.

With its slogan, “Closer to the Fan-Artist Experience,” “Real Rock Nights” is filled with artist news features, and “on the road” interviews that help the listener get as close to a VIP experience that a radio show will allow.

If you would like to submit material for consideration send it to: submission@realrocknights.com

If you would like to contact Alan “Shep” Shepherd to affiliate, or to advertise; email: shep@kshp.rocks

web address: http://realrocknights.com