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Goood morning everybody!  We are saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Chris Cornell.  He was and innovator, collaborator, magnificent vocalist, talented musician and poetic songwriter.  Welcome to the Hand of God, Chris.  May you Rest In Peace and always in our hearts.

Addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders effect millions of Americans.  We would be remiss not to take this opportunity to mention this and provide a couple of resources:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline (open 24 hrs, 7 days)
800.273.8255. Also information, help and prevention here.  Sadly, all of us know someone who suffers from addiction, mental or emotional disorders.

On to the music:  #1 this week is Seether “Let You Down” for the second consecutive week.  The band’s first week album sales are over 32,000 records with consumption.  The album, “Poison the Parish,” debuted #1 on the Billboard hard rock chart and debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.  Moving a notch to #2, Starset “Monster.”  Great Rate the Music Scores: #1 people 18-34 & 18-24. #1 Men 18-34 & 18-24.  Another solid week for sales: over 4600 tracks scanned this week with consumption. New rotation bumps coming in Minneapolis and Denver. #3 is Papa Roach “Help.”  Moving a notch to 4^, Mastodon “Show Yourself,” up 31 spins.  5^ is Volbeat “Black Rose” f/Danko Jones.  The track is up 21 spins.  New power rotation this week at WTPT.   New airplay at WXNX.

#7^ is Skillet “Back From the Dead.”  New airplay at WRXK.  #8^ is Metallica “Now that We’re Dead,” up 60 spins.  Scooting a notch to 9^, Stone Sour “Song #3.”  The track is up 154 spins.  New airplay at WEBN and KIOZ.  #10 is Avenged Sevenfold “God Damn.”  Be sure to check out the god damn video.

#11^, Royal Blood “Lights Out,” up 39 spins.  New rotations this week, WTPT to medium.  #12 is All That Remains “Madness.”  New airplay at WDHA.  #13 is Through Fire “Breathe.”  New airplay at WJXQ.  14^ is As Lions, “Aftermath.” #15^ is Rise Against “The Violence,” up 80 spins.  New airplay at WNOR, WRXK, WEBN and WRAT.

Jumping 20 to 16^, Highly Suspect “Little One,” up 110 spins.  New airplay at KKBZ, KKBA, WJXQ, WRAT, WTKX, WXZZ and KBPI.  New add at press time, WTPT.  17^ is Biffy Clyro “Howl.”  The track is up 29 spins.  New airplay at WRKZ.  New add at press time, WBYR.  Make sure Biffy is in your music meeting for another listen this week.  18^ is Motionless in White, “Loud.”  Moving 21 to 19^, A Day to Remember “Bullfight,” up 17 spins.  New airplay at KQXR.

Moving a notch to 21^, DED “Anti-Everything.” Jumping 25 to 22^, I Prevail “Alone.”  The track is up 76 spins.  New airplay at Music Choice, KDOT, WTPA, WRKZ, WRTT, WJJO and WGRD.  The track has scanned a whopping 82,000 with consumption to date.  This is a staggering number for a track that just launched a few weeks ago.  New adds at press time, WHXR, KKBZ, KATS, WFXH and WKLC.  #23^, Radkey “Dark Black Makeup.”  New airplay at WXQR.  25^ is Imagine Dragons “Believer,” up 44 spins.  New add at press time, WTPT.

Scooting from 28 to 26^, Beartooth “Sick Of Me,” up 50 spins.  New add at press time, WJRR.  Make sure to give this another listen this week.  Moving 29 to 27^, Stitched Up Heart, “Catch Me When I Fall,” up 31 spins.  New airplay at WXTB, WCPR, WFXH and KDOT.  #28 is Hell or Highwater “I Want it All.”  Already on WRIF, KHTQ, KILO, WIIL, WBYR, KUPD, WJJO, WZOR, KDOT, KKBZ, WCPR and more.  #30^, Black Map “Run Rabbit Run.”

Debuting at 31^, In This Moment “Oh Lord.”  The track is up 146 spins.  New airplay at WXNX, WJJO, WXQR, WRZK, WGRD, WKRL, WBYR and more.  New add at press time, WNOR.  Debuting at 32^, Chevelle “Rivers.”  The track is up 65 spins.  New airplay at WZOR, WFTK, WBYR, WKRL and KDOT.  33^ is Thrice “Hurricane.”  New add at press time, WBYR.  Moving a notch to 34^, Shallow Side “Can You Hear Me.”
Debuting at 35^, Green Day “Revolution Radio.”  The track is up 128 spins.  New airplay at WKQZ, WFTK, KKBA, WQXA, WDHA, WBSX, WXQR and more.  New adds at press time, WBYR and WXRX.

Moving from 38 to 36^, Basement “Promise Everything.”  New airplay at WRAT.  40^ is Chrysalis “Out of My Hands.”

Waiting in the Wings:  At 42^, Bush “Mad Love,” up 12 spins.  New airplay at KKBA and KHTQ. 43^ Gemini Syndrome “Sorry Not Sorry.”  The track is up 24 spins.  New airplay at KILO and WYBB.  New adds at press time, WRTT, KKBZ and KQRA.  This track has a very infectious hook.  Make sure to listen this week.

On Your Desk Now:  remember to take these into your music meeting, Palaye Royale “Get Higher.”  Hinder “Remember Me.” Blacktop Mojo “Where the Wind Blows.”

Going for Adds:  This week, In This Moment “Oh Lord.”  Muse “Dig Down.”  Of Mice & Men “Back to Me.”  A Killer’s Confession “Rebirth.”

Going for Adds:  May 30, Demon Hunter “Raining Down.”

Going for Adds:  June 6, Greta Van Fleet “Highway Tune.”  I Prevail “Alone.”  Dorothy “Down to the Bottom.”

Going for Adds:  June 13, The Pretty Reckless “Back to the River” featuring Warren Haynes.

While you’re here, be sure to check out the Going for Adds Player; all of your music listening needs in one place.

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