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Goood morning everybody! I hope everyone had a swell weekend. Daylight Saving begins March 12th Yeah! Now on to the music. Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1 again this week. This is the 3rd week. Moving 4 to 2^, The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  The band is coming off a consecutive four #1 singles, and when this track goes to #1 in the next week or two, this will put The Pretty Reckless ahead of Creed for most consecutive #1 singles from an Active Rock band. The track is up 88 spins. This is the 12th week on the chart.  New airplay at WRAT and KISW.  Moving 5 to 3^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 149 spins.  This is its 20th week on the chart.  New airplay at WDHA.  Moving a notch to 5^, Korn “Take Me,” up 112 spins.  New airplay in KIOZ Rubber Room.  

Moving a notch to 6^, Beartooth “Hated.”  On board this week, iHeart Media Active Custom.  New add, KEGL. KQRA moves to record to power.  Now is the time to move the record up in rotation and get the exposure it deserves.   Next stop, top 5.  Moving 9 to 7^, Starset “Monster.”  The track is up 138 spins.  Over 2,000 singles sold this week up 42% SES over 4400, single sales to date over 30,000.  SES to date over 64,000.  New airplay at KATT.  Make sure this is top of your stack for a rotation move this week.  Moving 12 to 10^, Bleeker “Highway.”  The track is up 117 spins.  New add at press time, WDHA.

11^ is Pop Evil “If Only for Now.”  The track is up 93 spins.  Rate the Music scores; #1 persons 18-34.  #1 males 18-34.  #3 persons 12+.  Leaping 20 to 12^, Papa Roach “Help,” up 494 spins.  New airplay at Music Choice, WKQZ, KICT, KATT, WRCQ, WQXA, WDHA, WXTB and more.  Moving a notch to 13^, Nickelback “Feed the Machine.”  New airplay at WWIZ and WRXK.  15^ is Skillet “Back From the Dead,” up 50 spins.  New airplay at WRAT.

Leaping from 38 to 16^ and up a massive 484 spins is Seether “Let You Down.”  New airplay at Music Choice, KKBA, WNOR, WIXO, WRTT, WTPA, KXXR, KLAQ, WWBN and many more.  Single sales of 4,700 this week, SES over 8500 this week.  17^ is K. Flay “Blood in the Cut.”  The track is up 81 spins.  Making a big jump from 26 to 18, Incubus “Nimble Bastard.”  The track is up 274 spins.  New airplay at KKBA, WRTT, WEBN, WXNX, WDHA, KISW, KRXQ, WBYR, WRXK and KEGL. New adds at press time KMOD and KIBZ.  Moving 22 to 19^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 187 spins.  New airplay at KOMP and WRAT.  New add at press time, KMRQ and KIBZ. #20 is Through Fire “Breathe.”  Spin leaders include Music Choice, Octane, KKBA, KHTQ, KQRA, WHXR and WCPR. New Support WHQG. Single sales over 885 this week (up 20%). Top 3 Octane “BIG UNS” 3 weeks. The band joins “Kentucky Tour” with Black Stone Cherry. This is a great record with a big hook.  Make sure to listen again in this week’s meeting.

21^ is Halestorm “Still of the Night.”  The track is up 49 spins.  22^ is Alter Bridge “My Champion.”  The track is up 70 spins.  New airplay at WGRD.  This is a band your listeners know and love.  Make sure to give it another listen in this week’s meeting.  Moving from 25 to 23^, All That Remains “Madness.”  The track is up 64 spins.  Single sales are over 1300 this week. Up over 30%.  SES is over 1700 this week.  New airplay at KOMP.  Adds at press time, WLZX and KIOZ added to Rubber Room.  Time for another listen this week?  We think so.  Moving 28 to 25^, Avatar “New Land.”  Check out the brand new music video released today.  Every Avatar video is it’s own neat adventure- this one is out of this world.  New add at press time, WFXH.  Catch them on the Half God, Half Devil North American Tour starting April 7.  Nothing says Easter like the Half God, Half Devil tour.

Moving 29 to 26^, Twenty One Pilots “Heavydirtysoul.”  New add at press time, KRXQ.  Jumping 34 to 28^, Missio “Middle Finger.”  The track is up 69 spins.

Moving a notch to 31^, Badflower “Animal.”  New airplay at KATT.  Make sure to give this another listen for a fresh sound on your playlist.  33^ is Letters From the Fire “Worth the Pain.”  New airplay at WMGM and WBYR.  Moving 36 to 34^, Radkey “Dark Black Makeup.”  The track is up 37 spins.  New airplay at WCPR, WMGM and KKBZ.  New add at press time, KQRA.  #35 is Citizen Zero “Lure and Persuade.”  New adds at press time,
KQRA and WDHA.  Debuting at 36^, Volbeat “Black Rose f/Danko Jones.”  The track is up 106 spins.  New airplay at Music Choice, KILO, WMMR, WRAT, WKRL, KAZR and WIIL.  New adds at press time, WDHA, KHTQ, KQRA, WFXH, WRZK.  Moving 40 to 37^, DED “Anti-Everything,” up 34 spins.  New airplay at KFRQ, WRTT, WRZK, WBYR and WRAT.  Debuting at 38^, Rag “N” Bone Man “Human.”  The track is up 41 spins.  New airplay at WRTT and WTPA.  39^ is September Mourning “20 Below.”  New airplay at KQRA.  Debuting at 40^, You, Me at Six “Give,” up 24 spins.

Waiting in the Wings:  At 41^, Like A Storm “Pure Evil.”  New airplay at Octane and WIIL.  42^, The Revivalists “Wish I Knew You.”  43^, Black Map “Run, Rabbit, Run.”

On Your Desk Now:  A Day to Remember “Bullfight.” Already on KQRA, WYBB, WXQR, KKBA, WIIL, WJJO and more.  Fit For Rivals “Novocaine.” Already on KHTQ, WJJO, WBYR, WIIL, WCPR and Music Choice. Cover Your Tracks “Striking Matches.” Already on Music Choice, Octane, WTPA, KHTQ, KQXR and more. Stitched Up Heart “Catch Me When I Fall.”  Already on WJJO, KHTQ, WHXR, WIIL and WMGM.  New adds at press time, KQRA and Music Choice.

Going For Adds:  This week, Volbeat “Black Rose f/Danko Jones.”  Basement “Promise Everything.”

Going For Adds:  March 14, Seether “Let You Down.”  Bush “Mad Love.”  Godsmack “Come Together.”  Black Stone Cherry “Cheaper to Drink Alone.”  As Lions “Aftermath.”  Art of Dying “All or Nothing.”

Going For Adds:  March 21, Avenged Sevenfold “God Damn.”  Hell or Highwater “I Want it All.” Motionless in White “Loud.” Thrice “Hurricane.”

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