Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  Is it hot enough for you?  There’s been some pretty hot records out there, so let’s discuss.  Number 1 again this week is Stone Sour “Song #3.”  This the fifth consecutive week.  Sitting patiently at #2^, Foo Fighters “Run,” up 48 spins.  #3^ is Metallica “Now That We’re Dead,” up 65 spins.  Only 13 spins separate the track from the Foo Fighters.  It’s going to be interesting.  4^ is Royal Blood “Lights Out,” up 75 spins.  5^, Rise Against “The Violence,” up 28 spins.

6^ is Highly Suspect “Little One,” up 67 spins.  7^ is I Prevail, “Alone.”  New close out adds at KISW, WRAT, WTPT and KMRQ.  Over 1300 single sales again this week, over 48,000 to date.  The album, “Lifeline,” over 108,000 to date.  Scooting from 10 to 8^, Greta Van Fleet “Highway Tune.”  The track is up 148 spins.  New airplay at KQXR and WXQR. WTPT moves the record to power this week. New adds at press time, Music Choice and WXRX. Moving a notch to 10^, In This Moment “Oh Lord.”

Moving a notch to 12^, Papa Roach “American Dream,” up 39 spins.  New airplay at KATT.  New add at KMOD.  Moving 15 to 13^, Imagine Dragons “Believer.”  The track is up 37 spins.  Moving 16 to 14^, The Pretty Reckless “Back to the River f/Warren Haynes.”  The track is up 28 spins.  New airplay at WXNR.  New rotation increases at KHTQ, WZBH and KKBA.  Make sure this is top of mind for your next rotation bump.  Moving 18 to 15^, Hellyeah “Love Falls.”  The track is up 58 spins.  New airplay at KXXR, WXTB and WEBN.

Moving 19 to 16^, Beartooth “Sick of Me.”  The track is up 41 spins.  Official video views are closing in 343,000. Check out the video, which deals with the subject of depression.    Moving 20 to 18^, Queens of the Stone Age “The Way You Used to Do.”  The track is up 74 spins.  New airplay at WHXR, KBPI, WRKZ, WJRR and KMRQ.  New add at press time, KMOD.  Jumping 24 to 19^, Nothing More “Go To War.”  The track is up 125 spins.  New airplay at WNOR, KRXQ, KIOZ, KTUX, WDHA and KMRQ.  This should be top of mind in your next music meeting.

Moving 23 to 21^, Chevelle “Rivers.”  The track is up 36 spins.  New airplay at WGRD, KBPI, KAZR, WTPT and WTKX.  New add at press time, WXRX.  Scooting 25 to 22^, Royal Republic “Baby,” up 63 spins.  New airplay at WTPT, WFTK, KBPI, KILO, KAZR, WJXQ and WTKX.  New adds at press time, WFXH and WKRL.  Jumping 27 to 23^, Korn “Black is the Soul.”  The track is up 77 spins.  New airplay at WXNR, WMGM, WRAT, WYBB, KMOD, KDJE, WIXO and WFXH.  Moving 26 to 24^, Fozzy “Judas.”  The track is up 24 spins.  New airplay at WZBH, WJXQ, WYBB, KILO, KEGL, WTPT, WBYR and WRCQ.  Moving 29 to 25^, Thrice “Hurricane,” up 23 spins.

Moving 31 to 28^, In Flames “Here Until Forever.”  The track is up 42 spins.  New airplay at WXNR and WJXQ.  Jumping 34 to 29^, Death From Above “Freeze Me.”  The track is up 35 spins.  New airplay at KKBA, WRZK and WYBB.

Moving a notch to 31, Of Mice & Men, “Back to Me.”  New airplay at KKBA and WRKZ.  Leaping 37 to 32^, Shaman’s Harvest “The Come Up,” up 31 spins.  New airplay at WDHA and WFXH.  Make sure to give this another listen this week.  If you are going to see Nickelback, be sure to get there early to catch Shaman’s Harvest.  Moving 35 to 33^, Nickelback “Must Be Nice,” up 19 spins.  New airplay at WTPA.  New add at press time, WIXO.  Debuting at 34^, Blacktop Mojo “Where the Wind Blows.”  The track is up 45 spins.  New airplay at KKBA, WJJO, KQRA and WZBH.

Debuting at 38^, Prophets of Rage “Living on the 110.”  The track is up 132 spins.  New adds at press time, KISW, KIOZ, KRXQ, WHXR, WTPA, KLAQ, WRZK, KDOT, KAZR and WKQZ.  Debuting at 39^, Hinder “Remember Me.”  Debuting at 40^, Rancid “Bovver Rock and Roll.”

Waiting in the Wings:  At 42^, Never Say Die “Like A Nightmare.”  43^ is Palaye Royale “Get Higher.”  New airplay and WBYR and WIIL.  44^ is Dorothy “Down to the Bottom.”  New add at press time, WMMR.

Going for Adds:  This week, Kid Rock “Greatest Show on Earth.”  Mastodon “Steambreather.”  Manafest “House of Cards.”  Missio “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea.”  Stone Horses “Reckless Ways.”

Going for Adds:  July 25, Linkin Park “Talking to Myself.”  Nine Inch Nails “Less Than.”

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