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Gooood morning everybody!  We’re down to mere hours ’till we meet up in beautiful Las Vegas for the RadioContraband Rock Convention and Hootenanny.  A full schedule of events is on our website.  Plan your days accordingly.  Remember to start hydrating now.

Tips for traveling: Remember to bring hand sanitizer with you.  Your airplane tray table is loaded with filthy germs and bacteria.  Ditto your armrest.  Drinking fountain button.  The air.  Yes the air.  The overhead air vent.  (Don’t touch it, but do turn it on somehow, to keep air circulating.)  The lavatory flush button.  Seatbelt buckle.  Blanket. Bathroom stall lock.  You get the idea.  Also refer to a few of Robert’s Exclusive Tips for Keeping Your Neighboring Seat Open:  Immediately upon sitting down open your air sickness bag.  Splash water on your face and start hyperventilating.  Say “Oh god, oh god.” (Don’t overplay it.)

#1 for the second week in a row, Metallica “Atlas, Rise!”  #2 is Green Day “Still Breathing.”  3^ is Shinedown “How Did You Love.”  The track is up 131 spins.  The track is 83 spins from the current #1.  Look for the band to have another chart topper shortly.

Moving a notch to 6^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 62 spins.  Moving from 9 to 7^, The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God,” up 161 spins.  Look for the track to go top 5 next week.  WHQG moves the record to power this week.  Moving from 10 to 8^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 95 spins.  New airplay at KISW.  #9^ is Beartooth “Hated.”  The track is up 31 spins.  Now is the time to move this up into power rotation.  The band will be on all the major festivals this year.

Moving a notch to 11^, Starset “Monster,” up 81 spins. The single is #1 on Octane “Big ‘Uns Countdown.”  New airplay at WFTK.  New adds at press time WDHA and WHQG. New rotation increases at WRZK and KNCN.  Moving a notch to 12^, Chevelle “Door to Door Cannibals.” The track is up 48 spins. Great Ratethemusic scores:  #1 males18-24, #1 persons 18-24.  Moving a notch to 13^, Sixx A.M.: “We Will Not Go Quietly.”  The track is up 48 spins.  New airplay at WRCQ.  Moving from 16 to 14^, Bleeker “Highway,” up 52 spins.  New airplay at KIOZ.  15^ is Pop Evil “If Only for Now.”  The track is up 30 spins.  Great Ratethemusic scores: #1 Persons 18-34, #2 males 18-34.  New add at press time, WRCQ.  The track should be top of mind when looking at rotations this week.

18^ is Through Fire “Breathe.”  The track moves from 3 to #2 this week on Octane’s “Big “Uns Countdown.” Spin leaders include Octane, Music Choice, WHXR, KKBA and KHTQ.  New add at press time, WDHA.  This is one of the best records you’re not playing yet.  Make sure it’s in your music meeting this week.  Jumping 23 to 19^, Skillet “Back from the Dead.”  The track is up 78 spins.  New airplay at WRKZ.  20^ is Devour the Day “The Bottom.”  Music Choice moves the record to power rotation this week.  See them on tour with Skillet.

Leaping 41 to 21^, Nickelback “Feed the Machine.”  The track is up a whopping 342 spins.  New airplay at Music Choice, WFTK, KMRQ, KTUX, KXXR, WWBN, WXNR, KATT, WDHA, KDOT, WQBK, WRZK, WTPA, KNCN and WHXR.  22^ is K. Flay “Blood in the Cut.”  (Remember to enunciate when back announcing.)  The track is up 47 spins.  New airplay at WRZK, WJRR, WRTT, WYBB, WKRL, KFRQ and WHXR.  24^ is Adelitas Way “Ready For War, (Pray for Peace).”  The track is #3 on Octane’s “Big ‘Uns Countdown.”  Make sure to give this another listen in your music meeting.  Ask yourself, “What Would Rick DeJesus Do?  25^ is Halestorm, “Still of the Night,” up 52 spins.

26^ is Blink 182, “She’s Out of Her Mind.”  New airplay at WCPR.  Moving 30 to 27^, Alter Bridge “My Champion,” up 76 spins.  New airplay at WNOR, KKBA and KISW.  Total Spotify streams are 1.5 million.  New adds at press time, KRXQ and WFXH.  See the band in person at the RadioContraband Convention Friday February 17 at 3 pm, hosted by Ryan Castle at KISW.  28^ is Art of Anarchy “The Madness.”  The track is up 41 spins.  New adds at press time, WNOR and WFXH.  It’s time to give this another listen in your music meeting. It sounds amazing on the air. 29^ is Avatar “New Land.” The track is up 20 spins.  The band is on tour in April with In This Moment, Motionless in White and Gemini Syndrome.  Time for another listen? We think so.  Moving 32 to 30^, Goodbye June “Oh No.”  New airplay at WJJO and WZOR.

Moving 34 to 32^, Grammy Award winners Twenty One Pilots “Heavydirtysoul.”  Moving 35 to 33^, Badflower “Animal.”  New airplay at WKRL, KMRQ and WZOR.  Don’t miss out on a fresh sound for your playlist.

Debuting at 36^, All That Remains, “Madness.”  The track is up 178 spins.  New airplay at KDJE, WXQR, WRZK, WBYR, KKBA, KQXR, WYBB, WWBN, WKRL, KILO, WTPT and more.  Catch the band headlining the RadioContraband Convention Showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday February 16.  37^ is Letters From the Fire “Worth The Pain,” up 54 spins.  New airplay at WRZK and Octane.  38^ is Citizen Zero “Lure and Persuade,” up 23 spins.  New airplay at WTPA.  Make sure this is in your music meeting stack this week.  Debuting at 39^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 147 spins.  New airplay at Music Choice, KHTQ, KXXR, WXNR, WYBB, WIIL, WMGM, WHXR, WRIF, KKBZ and KFRQ. New adds at press time, KRXQ, KMRQ and WFXH.   40^ is Crown the Empire “Weight of the World.”

Waiting in the Wings:  At 41^, Missio “Middle Finger.”  The track is up 81 spins.  42^, Radkey “Dark Black Makeup.”  43^, September Mourning “20 Below.”  The track is up 71 spins.

Going for Adds:  This week, All That Remains “Madness.”  Biffy Clyro “Howl.”  Kings of Leon “Reverend.”

Be on the lookout for the new Seether “Let You Down” to drop on February 23, 9am eastern time, 6am pacific time.

That’s all for me.  See you in Vegas.  Check out Joke of the Week, new every Monday.  Make sure to check out the Going for Adds Player, all your music listening needs in one place.  Questions? Comments?  Email mrbobuk@aol.com.