03-ogRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  This past weekend I was up in Fresno for KKBZ’s Blazefest, featuring Shinedown, Sick Puppies and As Lions.  There was a big crowd, ready to rock from when the gate opened.  Each band got to showcase more of their material with extended sets.  As always, Shinedown brought down the house.  As Lions were impressive, and Sick Puppies has never disappointed.  Unfortunately, All That Remains had to cancel their appearance after Delta Airlines had problems at their hub in Atlanta due to violent thunderstorms.  Special thanks to KKBZ’s Jon Ballard and staff for their hospitality. Now on to the music.

Number 1^ for the second week in a row, is Papa Roach “Help.”  The track is up an additional 188 spins.  #2^, Korn “Take Me,” up 49 spins.  Moving a notch to 3^, Starset “Monster,” up 79 spins.  Another great week of single sales; 1,682 tracks and closing in on 39,000 to date.  The album, “Vessels,” has sold 33,000 to date. Just added to iHeart Premium Choice custom rotation.  New rotation increases at WRIF, WKRL, WRCQ, KNCN and KTUX.  Moving a notch to 5^, Seether “Let You Down,” up 202 spins.  New power rotations at WGRD, WHQG, KQRA, WKLC, KQXR, WZBH, WNOR, WIIL, KDOT, KQXR, KKBZ  and WDHA.  Over 1100 singles sold this week.

Jumping 8 to 6^, Pop Evil “If Only for Now.”  The track is up 93 spins.  Great Rate the Music scores of #1 persons 18-34, #1 males 18-34, #2 persons 12+ and #3 females 18-34.  Leaping 10 to 7^, Incubus “Nimble Bastard.”  The track is up 67 spins.  New power rotations at WTPT.  Scooting 11 to 8^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 115 spins.

Moving 14 to 11^, Volbeat “Black Rose,” featuring Danko Jones.  The track is up 130 spins.  Moving a notch to 12^, Skillet “Back From the Dead.”  The track is up 41 spins.  New airplay at WXNX and KUPD.  Moving from 15 to 13^, Nickelback “Feed the Machine.”  The album by the same name is in stores June 9.  Moving a notch to 15^, Through Fire “Breathe,” up 52 spins.  New adds at press time, WQBK, WTPT and KDJE. The single continues to be a top seller every week.  It’s never too late to play a hit.  Make sure to listen again in your music meeting.  Open this record up and let it “Breathe.”

Moving a notch to 16^, All That Remains “Madness,” up 38 spins.  Great research coming out of Octane, moving the record up to power rotation.  Upcoming tour dates are at all the major spring festivals, including dates with Five Finger Death Punch and Korn.  Jumping 20 to 17^, Avenged Sevenfold “God Damn.”  The track is up 137 spins.  New airplay at KUPD, WYBB, WRXK and KTUX.  18^, Alter Bridge “My Champion.”  The track is up 25 spins.  Moving 22 to 19^, Avatar “New Land,” up 64 spins.  The band is on tour now through July, with In This Moment.  Moving a notch to 20^, Twenty One Pilots “Heavydirtysoul.”

Moving a notch to 22^, Letters From the Fire “Worth the Pain.”  The track is up 40 spins.  New airplay at WGRD.  Jumping 26 to 23^, Motionless in White “Loud.”  The track is up 58 spins.  New airplay at WHQG and WRIF.  24^, Godsmack “Come Together,” up 53 spins.  New airplay at KIOZ, WBSX and KMOD. New add at press time KQRA.  25^ is DED “Anti-Everything.”  The band is on tour this spring with Korn.
Moving a notch to 26^, Radkey “Dark Black Makeup.”  New airplay at WXQR, WFXH and WTKX.  New add at press time, Music Choice.  Moving a notch to 27^, A Day to Remember “Bullfight.”  The track is up 23 spins.  New airplay at WZBH.
Jumping 33 to 28^, As Lions “Aftermath,” up 80 spins.  New airplay at WNOR, KRXQ, WZOR, KQRA, WRKZ and WWBN.  Moving a notch to 29^, Citizen Zero “Lure and Persuade.”  New medium rotation at WDHA.

Leaping 36 to 31^, Biffy Clyro “Howl.”  The track is up 44 spins.  New airplay at WRAT.  Make sure to have the track in your music meeting, this is a great all day record.  Moving a notch to 33^, Imagine Dragons “Believer.”  Jumping 37 to 34^, Hell or Highwater “I Want It All.”  Great early airplay leaders include KILO, KUPD, WXQR, KQRA, WJJO, WRZK, KHTQ, WBYR and WHXR.  Moving 39 to 35^, Like A Storm “Pure Evil.”  New airplay at KOMP and WHXR.

Scooting from 38 to 36^, September Mourning “20 Below.”  New airplay at KKBA.  Debuting at 38^, Black Map “Run Rabbit Run.”  New airplay at KKBZ.  New add at press time, KQRA.  Debuting at 39^, Orwells “They Put A Body in the Bayou.”  The track is up 34 spins.  New airplay at KQXR and WRIF.  Debuting at 40^, Stitched Up Heart “Catch Me When I Fall.”  New airplay at WWBN and WRKZ.  New adds at press time, WRTT, KFRQ, WZBH, WYBB and WZOR.

Waiting in the Wings:  At 41^, Manafest “Stones,” up 27 spins. New airplay at KILO.  At 42^, Black Stone Cherry “Cheaper to Drink Alone,” up 45 spins.  New airplay at WRTT, WTPA and WHQG.  43^ is Rachel Lorin “I Hate You.”  Rachel put on a great performance at the RadioContraband convention.  Give another listen to the single this week.

Coming soon:  In This Moment new single, “Oh Lord,” dropping April 20.

Going for Adds:  This week, Chris Cornell “The Promise.”  Life of Agony “World Gone Mad.”

Going for Adds:  April 18, Metallica “Now that We’re Dead.”

Going for Adds:  April 25, Beartooth “Sick of Me.” Dinosaur Pile-Up “Grim Valentine.”  Gemini Syndrome “Sorry, Not Sorry.” At the Drive In “Hostage Stamps.”

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