For this week’s Q&A, Metal Contraband presents KMFDM Frontman Sascha Konietzko, who took the time to write up some answers to our questions about YEAH!, their upcoming EP coming out next Friday on earMUSIC, and the latest on KMFDM:

You recently announced the upcoming EP “YEAH!”, which will be followed by the full album “HELL YEAH”, and two brand new songs are coming out soon as part of it all. Can you start off by telling us more about the tracks “HELL YEAH” and “FREAK FLAG”?

They are musical compositions with vocal performances.

HELL YEAH is 4/4, 128 bpm, in D-minor and there are 3 versions of it, the remix by Lord Of The Lost included. The album version is 5 minutes and 5 seconds long, there is an edit which is 4 minutes and 5 seconds and finally the remix which clocks in at 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

FREAK FLAG on the other hand is 124 bpm, also 4/4 and D-minor and the 2 versions of it clock in at 3 minutes 38 seconds and at 4 minutes and 50 seconds respectively .

This was a rather detailed description of the songs, but probably not what you wanted to hear at all 😉

The EP also has a remix of “ATTAK/RELOAD” that you’re calling “ATTAK 2017”. Why was it this song in
particular that you chose to remix?

One day, when I was just sitting around, doing nothing in particular it struck me out of a clear blue sky and a voice told me to “remix Attak/Reload and call it Attak 2017” 😉

On that same note, how did you approach “updating” this track for 2017?

Made it quite a bit faster, redid all vocals, and came up with a different musical bed for it, yet kept it pretty recognizable.

Lord of the Lost’s version of your new “HELL YEAH” track is included on the EP, and I notice they’re going out on tour with you later this year as well. How did the connection with this band come about?

We were looking for a guitarist to do some on and off work with here in Hamburg and were introduced to LOTL’s lead-singer and main guitarist Chris Harms. We hit it off immediately…

Since you decided to revisit a 2002 track for the new EP, will you also be revisiting some other classic KMFDM tracks during the upcoming tour dates?

Yes, the setlist consists of a wide variety of songs from KMFDM’s catalogue of more that 30 years.

With two new records and a tour on the horizon, there’s plenty on the KMFDM plate for the near future. What are you most looking forward to for this year?

Helloween !


(Metal Contraband thanks Sascha for the interview. Questions by Chelsea Nelson-Fernandez.)