By Gary Susalis

Firing twin barrels of arena-rock muscle and moving melodies, Greta Van Fleet is a modern rock & roll band rooted in the genre’s strongest traditions: super-sized hooks, raw riffage and the sweeping vocals of a front man who was born to wail.

The four-piece formed in Frankenmuth, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, where 20 year-old twin brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka began playing shows with their 17 year-old younger brother, Sam, and 17 year-old family friend Danny Wagner. Holding their practices in the Kiszka family garage and road-testing their songs onstage throughout Michigan, the four became a band of brothers whose songs mix classic chops with the thrill of teenage angst.

From sing-along choruses to fiery guitar solos, Greta Van Fleet rounds up a highlight reel of rock & roll heroics. These guys aren’t revivalists; they’re looking ahead, breathing new life into a sound that’s blasted out of car dashboards and living room stereos for decades. Arena-rock is a movement, and Greta Van Fleet just gave it a new set of wheels.

1. For those who are not yet familiar with you guys, give me 1 sentence for each member of the band that best describes who they are.
Jake is driven by emotion, skipping the stage in which there is cognitive thinking; this way the feeling comes from his heart directly to his fingers.

Josh’s eccentric personality is only overridden by his purely artistic mind, creating transcendent films & dynamic music.

Daniel is a pure-bread musician; with his ability to produce moving soulful melodies on guitar & piano, somehow he got stuck on the drums, for which he does far more than justice.

Sam is the melody maker and his boundless range of abilities playing bass, keys, mandolin, and guitar, gives Greta Van Fleet much of its dimension.

2. There seems to be a healthy amount of family bands out at the moment. How does the family dynamic play into your band?
Growing up in the same household was definitely a contributing factor to our shared influences. Our parents allowed us the freedom that was conducive to creative work.

3. How did you guys get turned on to music; specifically Rock N Roll?
We grew up with music surrounding us completely. There really was no point in time that “turned us to music” it really has just always been a shared love. Rock and Roll came into play when the music needed to be spiced up. Rock and Roll was my childhood fun music.

4. Your generation of musicians seem to trend closer to Alt-electro sound. Thanks to technology, everyone seems to have an arsenal of “instruments” and a recording studio in their pocket. What made you guys focus on the more traditional Classic Rock sounds and lifestyle of starting out in a garage with guitars in hand?
We think technology advancing is a wonderful thing. We are not exactly on the same page as the musicians who write/record their music in this fashion. This is because the music that we play was written the same way for decades and then all of a sudden went through a dramatic change. The traditional classic rock scene was what we collectively knew best. It wasn’t necessarily intentional, but we just loved the tones and style of writing.

5. Tell me about “Highway Tune”. What makes this song worthy of being your first single?
“Highway Tune” was one of the very first songs written by Greta Van Fleet. I would have to say about 4-5 years ago. The song itself isn’t too complicated musically and lyrically which gives it that “single sort of vibe.” It’s carried on throughout the years, and we felt that it deserved to be the first to the public before we released newer material.

6. What is the greatest success you’ve achieved so far? What is your ultimate goal as a band?
We would say that as a band, our greatest success has been the fact that we have been able to give some people that same feeling that we had listening to music when we grew up. That feeling is what inspired Greta Van Fleet, and even if it’s just one person, we know we are giving them that feeling. Our ultimate goal is to give as many people a chance to perceive our music and to be able to continue to do what we love and make it.

7. What’s next for the band?
Keep an eye out for upcoming festivals in the next few months. We will also be touring in the end of August for 3 weeks. As soon as we can, we’ll be back in the studio to prepare for the album release in the next year.