PotterPotter has always been a music guy, loved discovering new music, meshing it with old stuff…

By Beatrix Danko

I did some College Radio with a friend of mine. 3 semesters at WUSC (Home of the USC Gamecocks.) We were supposed to play music, but we ended up writing a bunch of skits and performing them for our drunk friends on air. They were the only ones listening. Our show was Tuesday nights 2am-4am, and we eventually got kicked off for a small fire we accidentally started that I’m pretty sure was not our fault, but not positive.

After college I traveled a bunch, when I ran out of money, I came home and got a job at WARQ in Columbia, solely because I was friends with the promotions director and they were in desperate need of someone to run the boards while everybody was out doing live remotes. No intentions at that point of getting into the industry.

I moved to Charleston in 2003 to run a restaurant/bar. Knowing I had no no intention of doing that for a living either, I walked into WYBB and WCOO with the hopes of landing a sales job. With no sales experience, they said “you need to quit playin’, and stop actin’ so crazy,” or something like that. Luckily, Mike Allen (the best Operations/Programmer guy in the biz) said, I need a weekend jock so I picked it up as my second job. Then people started listening to me, moved up the ranks, and here we are…..Head Trash Taker Outer….plus, I program our Active Rock and Triple A stations, while Managing Operations and playing loud rock n roll in the afternoons during my show, “Happy Hour w/ Potter.”

How would you describe your programming and on air philosophy?
In a day, I program everything from Slipknot on 98 ROCK to Sheryl Crow on The Bridge at 105.5, so I have to get up and take a break or my head will explode, but eventually realized good music is good music, and people know. We test records, we play baby bands and local bands, but at the end of the day, it’s just gotta move people.

What makes your station unique/different?
Well, Bubba the Love Sponge certainly sets the tone for the day, but then our midday guy Wes St. Lixx is as passionate about Rock n Roll as he is about his neck tats (that means a lot.) My show is ridiculous, then our hot Queen of Rock, Laura Lee, rocks through the evenings. We have a local rock show, “98 Rock’s Stomping Grounds” and we carry “Full Metal Jackie” because we’re smart, and smart people carry “Full Metal Jackie.”

What could the rock radio industry do to improve that it’s not doing? How about any given rock station?
We, as a whole, have GOT TO OPEN OUR FREAKIN’ MINDS to other kinds of sounds being part of ROCK. I’m not talking about having banjos or kazoos, but because I’m still on the air and test music, the immediate response from a lot of P1’s is “THIS SUCKS” 15 seconds in just because it doesn’t yell “KILL THE KITTENS” at the beginning. Respect the fact that these are musicians sharing their art.

What is a day in the life like for you?
In Order: Get up, shove food down the lil’ Potters’ throats, then take them to school, or an overpriced camp during this time of year. Then, Promo Meeting, Sales Meeting, Soda Machine Meeting, Production, Conference Call, Soda Machine Meeting, Music Logs with multiple interruptions, Bathroom, Show, Pick up kids, shove more food in them, watch “Chopped,” Sleep, wake up, use bathroom again, back to bed.

What are you listening to right now and what are your top 5 favorite bands/artists?
Rival Sons, Highly Suspect, Red Sun Rising, Chevelle, Muse, and a ton of local bands…..we got some good sh*t coming out of Charleston!

What are you currently up to? (here’s your chance to plug your projects, websites, awards, goals, brags, etc.)
Me? I’m just chillin’. Let’s go to Waffle House. I’m hungry.

Before we head off to Waffle House tell us your three most Rock & Roll moments?
1) Couple of years ago, my receptionist paged-all in the building saying “Potter, Slash is on line 2 for you. Potter, Slash, Line 2.”
2) All of my Rockfests here are amazing. Hanging out backstage with the cool ones to the d*cks is amazing, and just being up there on stage introducing them like I have over the years has been pretty special.
3) CHEESE ALERT: My kids being born. Coolest thing I’ve ever done. Still blows my mind. That’s Rock n Roll.

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