mainBy Gary Susalis

Born in Toronto and raised in Las Vegas, the boys found themselves immersed in music at a young age. In their late teens, the brothers would trade the “City of Sin” for the “City of Angels,” founding Palaye Royale.

They also did things the old-fashioned way, insisting on playing hundreds of shows before cutting a proper album. They would embark on the High School Nation Tour two years in a row in addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Camp Freddy. At the insistence of Alex Burdon—daughter of The Animals singer Eric Burdon—Sumerian Records caught one show, was effectively blown away, and signed the group the same night. In the summer of 2015, Palaye Royale recorded Boom Boom Room (Side A) in just three weeks’ time with the help of another legend…

Boom Boom Room (Side A) is only half of the story though. The band has (Side B) on deck next. The whole package speaks to the lost mythos of rock ‘n’ roll evocative of places like New York’s Boom Boom Room and in the hearts of their heroes such as iconic music manager Kim Fowley—to whom the album is dedicated.

“It’s all a state of mind,” Remington leaves off. “We had one wild night playing a gig at the Boom Boom Room, and it stuck with us. Our Boom Boom Room is something like a dreamscape reality. That’s what rock music should be.”

What’s in a name… Where did the band name come from? Who were you personally named after (Remington, Sebastian and Emerson)?
Palaye Royale is a dance hall where our grandparents met in Toronto, ON, Canada in the 50’s.
As it goes for our birth given names we tend to get mixed stories. For now let’s go with: Sebastian named after Jesus Christ Superstar Sebastian Bach not Skid Row Sebastian Bach or even after Johan Sebastian Bach if we want to be fancy. Remington is named after the Remington riffle. Emerson after Ralph Waldo Emerson would be preferred and fits better than Emerson Fittipaldi.

Being 3 brothers who are also musicians, I would assume your parents played a major role in you guys getting into music… is that true? If yes, what was it like. If it’s not true, how did all of you get into rock music?
Our mother had a huge role in our music knowledge while growing up. She was a rock n’ roll photographer in the 80’s shooting for The Clash, The Jam, The Sex Pistols, Billy Idol  etc. She was on the road with Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators. Also, our grandfather was the in Johnny Kidd and The Pirates in the early days – explains a lot. With having access to those early punk and post rock n’ roll bands it really inspired what we are today as a band from the sound to the look.

Your single, ”Get Higher” has exceeded over a million views on Youtube already and now it’s about to take over the airwaves. How did this song come to life and what does it mean to you?
“Get Higher” was a song we always had in our back pocket. It was what gave this band the identity of rock n’ roll. This track was what really started to get us attention on the Sunset strip. Legendary rock manager and producer Kim Fowley came into the picture alongside Rodney Beignheimer after seeing us do the “superstar shuffle”. It grabbed attention of Billy Morrison, Courtney Love and the Camp Freddy band which led to a few shows and landing us interesting placements with LA Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week and global Samsung Galaxy Commercial. Playing runway shows while gorgeous models walk down the runway is what this is all about…. Sex, rock n’ roll and more sex. “Get Higher” gave us the stamp of approval from the rock greats. “Get Higher” is a song for the youth generation.

In addition to “Get Higher” having great success online, one of your older tracks “Morning Light”, has exceeded 20 million views online. How did you guys first start building a fanbase and what does it take to maintain it?
We put out “Morning Light” with our expectations low. It is sort of a curse having a video go viral without having anything else to follow it up. We maintained a fanbase from the human connection which has been lost. We have 100% control of every aspect of the band from videos, music, social media all the way down to creating our very own newspaper publication, The Royal Times. What we are bringing back is the authentic pureness that has been lost in bands. Creating a lifestyle for fans to be a part of is ideally the goal. The internet is a tool but it is not fans in a venue singing along to the songs we wrote. In the past 18 months we have played nearly 300 shows and will not be slowing down anytime soon – rock n’ roll needs a kick in the ass by some angsty young guys and we are here to do so.

What has been your greatest experience as a band so far?
The greatest experience is seeing what we have created amongst the youth. We have just begun but no one can take away what we have done because at the end of the day our Soldiers of the Royal Council are fans of everything surrounding Palaye Royale. Another good experience was Rod Stewart’s wife coming up to us and saying my husband wants to meet you. God himself thinks we are cool.

What is the best part and the hardest part about spending all of your time with your family while on the road?
The best part is the worst part and the worst part is the best part. Fights don’t actually mean anything. We could not imagine how difficult it would be to be a band without being brothers. It is brilliant that we all despise the same shitty people on the road. We connect through that relationship and it fuels our chaotic live shows.

What has to happen for you guys to feel like you’ve “made it!”?
When we have a sold out show at the Palais Royal in Paris for MTV World Stage… and of course sell out Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium.