SUH-1-15“The music takes you from a dark place to a more positive uplifting atmosphere. I would suggest the best setting for the record to listen to for the first time would be riding along the coast on a motorcycle with the wind through your hair.” – Mixi, Stitched Up Heart

By Carl C. Sundberg

Sometimes life can get you down. Sometimes things simply fall apart. The lessons that come from collapse are the lessons you take with you into the future and you can either let them dominate and destroy you or you can learn from them and start again, stronger and wiser. Stitched Up Heart, the hard-working, hard-rocking California metal band took the second path. In fact, that is how their story begins.

“I formed the band after a musical heartbreak in 2010,” says singer Alecia Mixi Demner. “Stitched Up Heart is a story of picking yourself up off the ground and stitching yourself back together. Based out of Hollywood, CA the band met one another amongst the local bar scene. LA is a big city but a small town. Everyone kind of knows everyone there.”

Like virtually every musician, Mixi’s personal musical journey started well before she was in any band. It goes all the way back to her childhood when she would sing along to all the children’s movies she watched as a kid and singing her own melodies to the songs on the radio. Her first instrument was perhaps the least “metal” instrument you could think of. “I played tuba for three years in middle school and traded it in for an electric guitar once I got into high school,” she recalls. It wasn’t long before she found her neighbor’s dad’s stash of Metallica, Pantera and Nine Inch Nails CDs and quickly fell in love. From there, she began to learn the ways of the musician. “Once I started taking guitar lessons I learned jazz chords which in turn created my singing voice into a more jazzy raspy flavor as I would write,” Mixi says. “Tying heavy guitars & some jazzy-poppy vocal melodies was the idea behind the music of Stitched Up Heart.”

Stitched Up Heart

Shortly after Stitched Up Heart formed, their hard work and infectious live show began to attract a solid following, which brought them a record deal with Another Century. Things changed quickly and drastically for the band once they signed that deal. “ It was almost as if a switch was flipped into professional mode,” Mixi says. “We have really worked hard at bettering ourselves and have grown tremendously in the year since the signing with a lot more growing to do. We are so grateful of the team we have working all directions for the success of this band and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Songs from their second EP, “Skeleton Key” are in rotation currently on over 60 radio stations across the country. Revolver magazine premiered the video for “Grave” and “Frankenstein” from that record. Mixi has been featured and interviewed in 3 issues of Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock as well as interviews with Alternative Press magazine. Now, Stitched Up Heart is gearing up to unleash their first full length album, “Never Alone” on June 17th. “There is a very hopeful message in the lyrics,” explains Mixi. “The music takes you from a dark place to a more positive uplifting atmosphere. I would suggest the best setting for the record to listen to for the first time would be riding along the coast on a motorcycle with the wind through your hair.”

The reaction from “Finally Free”, the first single from that album, surprised the band. “It was really only meant to let people hear the new musical direction but ended up in the top 40 on active rock charts for around 28 weeks,” Mixi says. “We didn’t even know what an active rock chart was before this song. We had other ideas of what we were going to release as a single so we thought that song taking off as organically as it did was a good omen for the new record, “Never Alone”.”

To get the word out on “Never Alone” Stitched Up Heart is doing what they do best – tour. They are hitting the road with Pop Evil and will basically be on tour nonstop through the fall. But this time, they will be a little more prepared for life on the road than before. “ We didn’t really expect to not see our homes the rest of the year when we originally left for tour. I literally packed a backpack and a small makeup bag,” says Mixi. “I figure we can buy stuff we need along the way.”

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Stitched up Heart played the RadioContraband Convention showcase with Killswitch Engage and hung out throughout the convention with all the radio folk. Tell me about your time at The Radiocontraband Convention in Vegas in February. Any crazy “Vegas” stories?

Aside from all the debauchery that went on in Vegas at RadioContraband this year, it was an eye opener as a band seeing the other side of the radio biz. We gained a whole new perspective and respect for the dedication and passion of the people in radio. It’s a feeling of connection knowing we are all in this together for the love of rock n roll!


Stitched Up Heart with SIXX A.M. at the RadioContraband Convention in Las Vegas, Feb 2016

What’s the secret to a great song?
A good song is something different from the usual. Something you can remember. A message to connect people with.

Top five road necessities?
Throat coat Tea

What have been the biggest hurdles to get to where you are today?
Having the courage to get back up again. Not letting failure stop you. Sacrificing everything to pursue your dream.