12654534_10208367462054782_6347642253030275753_nI was born and raised in Chicago.  I got my career started in suburbia.  I landed my first gig in the big city and saw first-hand the birth of the Active Rock format as a weekender/swing jock at WRCX ROCK 103-5 in 1994.  I logged on-air time in the CHI at WCKG, WLUP 97-9 The Loop (teenage dream come true!), WZZN 94-7 The Zone, and WDRV 97-1FM The Drive.  I was interspersed over the years…weekender at the legendary 93 ‘QFM in Milwaukee and Creator/Host/Producer of The Rockin’s 80’s national radio show, heard all over North America for 10 years.  Now I’m the PD/Afternooner at WXRX in Rockford – a return to the scene of the crime for me; I did a Saturday Night request show here on The X in early ’94!

What inspired you to pursue a career in the Music/Radio industry?
A combo of things really…great radio in Chicago where I grew up during the 70’s and 80’s and the Van Halen I album.  The dial fueled my imagination and connection to music, the record defined my music identity.  It was cool to be front and center for the early 80’s rock radio war between The Loop FM 98 and 95 1/2 The Might Met!

Who was your mentor/role model in the industry & what was the greatest lesson they taught you?
I worked for Greg Solk at both WLUP and WDRV.  I learned a tremendous amount over the years from him by just observing and analyzing.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
I have a few…but probably being able to create, produce and host a national radio show for 10 years from a specialty segment I originally came up at WCKG in 1997.  It was always a dream of mine since hearing the late Bob Coburn on Rockline in the early 80’s.

What are your 3 most Rock & Roll moments?
Getting my stage makeup done right alongside Geoff Tate of Queensryche.  I was invited to take a small part in their full ‘Operation Mindcrime’ show.  That was a blast.

While waiting in the band trailer as stage MC – having Mike Reno of Loverboy fetch a ‘brewski’ for me.  He insisted.  And yes, that’s what he called it.

Having Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger call me on the station hotline asking me what I was doing after my show.

What band/song is rocking your world right now & why?
Mastodon – Show Yourself.  Catchy as hell!!

If you could be in any band, which band would it be & what would you do in the band?
In my dreams, I would channel the spirit of the late Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy.  To prowl the front of the stage and growl into the mic like he did with bass in hand, that would be the coolest.