On the Radar, week of May 15

Seether_MarinaChavezRobert England

Goood morning everybody! It’s Monday again and we have a brand new #1^ this week, Seether “Let You Down,” up 98 spins.  Congratulations to Kurt Steffek and the Concord promotion team. #2 is Papa Roach “Help.” Celebrating its 27th week on the chart, 3^ is Starset “Monster,” up 23 spins.  Great Rate the Music scores; #1 people 18-24 and #1 men 18-24.  #2 people 18-34 and #2 men 18-34.  New power rotations at WIYY, KILO, KMRQ and WTKX.  #3 best-selling active rock track this week, 4600 tracks this week with consumption.  To learn more about consumption methodology, read this.  Moving from 6 to 4^, Volbeat “Black Rose” featuring Danko Jones.  The track is up 120 spins.  5^ is Mastodon “Show Yourself,” up 38 spins.   (more…)


Rock On The Range Performance Times Announced For Sold Out Festival

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.13.06 PMPerformance times have been announced for the sold out Rock On The Range, held May 19, 20 and 21 at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, OH. Rock legends Metallica, Soundgarden and Korn will each headline one night of America’s largest and most-acclaimed rock festival, now in its 11th year. In addition, the full lineup has been announced for the Rolling Rock Comedy Tent, led by Jim Breuer, Nikki Glaser, and Tony Hinchcliffe.

Performance times for Rock On The Range are as follows: (more…)


On the Radar, week of May 8

thisRobert England

Gooood morning everybody!  Hope everybody had a great weekend and let’s get back into the thick of it.  No surprise this week that Papa Roach “Help” is again #1 for the 6th week running.  Coming up fast in the rear view mirror is Seether “Let You Down.”  The track is just 52 spins behind #1, and up 142 spins.  #3^ is Starset “Monster.”  The track is up 47 spins.  #4^ is Mastodon “Show Yourself,” up 75 spins.  5^ is Incubus “Nimble Bastard,” up 42 spins.

6^ is Volbeat “Black Rose,” up 36 spins.  Moving a notch to 7^, Skillet “Back From the Dead,” up 49 spins.  Look for these to go top 5 in the next week or two as the top ten begins to shuffle.  Moving 10 to 8^, Metallica “Now That We’re Dead,” up 175 spins.  New adds at press time, KQRA and KZRR.  No question that this will be yet another #1 track for the band.  Jumping 13 to 10^, Avenged Sevenfold “God Damn.”  The track is up 133 spins.  KDOT moves the record to medium rotation this week. (more…)


On the Radar, week of May 1

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.08.20 PMRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  Hope you all had a nice a weekend.  It has definitely been a memorable 100 days. Let’s talk a little music. No surprises, Papa Roach “Help” is #1 for the 5th consecutive week.  Moving a notch to 2^, Seether “Let You Down.”  The track is up 124 spins. #3 greatest gainer at Mediabase this week, #2 in audience.  3^ is Starset “Monster.”  The track is up 64 spins. Sales of 1,624 this week.  The album, “Vessels,” has sold over 35,000 to date.  Moving a notch to 4^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 27 spins.  Moving a notch to 5^, Incubus “Nimble Bastard.”   (more…)


On the Radar, week of April 24

010563bdcc8c49ad9e1521be792e59fd.1000x1000x1Robert England

Gooood morning everybody!

Papa Roach “Help” is #1^ again for the 4th consecutive week, up 37 spins.  Jumping 4 to 2^, Starset “Monster,” up a whopping 218 spins.  Track sales are up again, 5% this week of 4,700.  Rate the Music #2 men 18-24, #4 men overall, #2 people 18-34, #3 people 25-34.  New power rotation at KDJE.  If you don’t have Starset in power yet, make that move and let’s get the band their first #1 single.  3^ is Seether “Let You Down,” up 126 spins.  Strong track sales again this week, over 1150.  New power rotations at WFXH, WFTK, KAZR, KLAQ, WXNX and many more.  Scooting from 7 to 5^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 48 spins.   (more…)


On the Radar, week of April 17

67176560Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  Hope you all had a good holiday weekend, remember that Peeps will be 75-90% off in your retail establishments.  #1^ again this week, Papa Roach “Help.”  The track is up an additional 55 spins.  Jumping 5 to 3^, Seether “Let You Down.”  The track is up 147 spins.  Single sales are over 1200 again this week.  4^ is Starset “Monster,” up 50 spins.  Single sales of 1,797 this week, 40,398 to date.  Streaming this week, 411,160.  (#3 streaming rock record, behind alternative and top 40 hit artists Twenty One Pilots and Missio.)   New airplay at KEGL.  New rotation moves at WBYR and WTPT.  Moving a notch to 5^, Pop Evil “If Only for Now,” up 63 spins. (more…)


Killswitch Engage Are Releasing “AOJB” Vinyl and Beer

5901f44f-3771-4328-9b30-263eb0225810Killswitch Engage’s Alive or Just Breathing (Roadrunner) was released on May 21, 2002 and has since secured its reputation as a modern classic, as noted by its election to Decibel’s elite Hall of Fame canon. The record celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The band, which released its most recent album Incarnate in March 2016, is commemorating the occasion with an 180-gram black vinyl version of the album that drops on May 12.

Fans can pre-order the vinyl here; there are 15-year anniversary merch bundles also on sale. (more…)


On the Radar, week of April 10

03-ogRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  This past weekend I was up in Fresno for KKBZ’s Blazefest, featuring Shinedown, Sick Puppies and As Lions.  There was a big crowd, ready to rock from when the gate opened.  Each band got to showcase more of their material with extended sets.  As always, Shinedown brought down the house.  As Lions were impressive, and Sick Puppies has never disappointed.  Unfortunately, All That Remains had to cancel their appearance after Delta Airlines had problems at their hub in Atlanta due to violent thunderstorms.  Special thanks to KKBZ’s Jon Ballard and staff for their hospitality. Now on to the music. (more…)


Trans-Siberian Orchestra Creator and Guitarist Paul O’Neill Dies at 61

music-tsoSad news to report from theatrical rock phenoms Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Paul O’Neill, who created Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has passed away at age 61.

Before founding Trans-Siberian Orchestra and playing guitar in the group, O’Neill worked for Leber-Krebs Inc., the management company that helped launch the careers of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, The New York Dolls, Scorpions, Joan Jett and many others. He later made a name for himself as a prolific producer. O’Neill’s first major releases came with Aerosmith’s Classics Live I and Classics Live II in 1986 and 1987, respectively. From there, he became the go-to producer and co-writer for Savatage, manning the board for 10 albums from the American band. (more…)