Metal Q&A:

This weeks Metal Contraband Q&A is with publicist and radio
guru Vince Edwards from Metal Blade Records. Being at the
forefront of the metal genre, Metal Blade Record has left a
lasting mark on the format. Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles,
by Brian Slagel. Metal Blade has signed some of the biggest
names and developed careers for artists that have spanned
3 decades.

Spending 10 years with the label, Vince Edwards has handled
radio and press for Armored Saint, Cannibal Corpse, Shannon
Lucas of The Black Dahlia Murder, Canderia and countless
others that have graced your desk, airwaves and print/on-line

Vince is no new comer to the industry. He cut his teeth in radio
programming the metal show on WSUP FM in Platteville, WI.
It’s what you learn as a programmer and a metal fan in general
that makes you fit for the gig. Among some of the new records
that have hit radio’s desk that have reacted is the new Allegaeon
which we have seen reach the top 3 on the Metal Contraband
radio Chart.

We welcome Vince Edwards to this weeks Metal Contraband Q&A: