Catching up with Cathy Faulkner

Cathy with Alice In Chains

My Radio career started when I interviewed KISW Music Director/DJ Steve Slaton for a high school English project (I was 15). I interned after that getting paid 10 records per week (yes, in the days of vinyl) and worked my way up from Intern to APD/MD/Nights at KISW. My time at “The Rock” was from 1980-2000.  I was fortunate to work in my hometown during an amazing time in music history and be a part of something truly special that knocked the world on its ass.  The music industry boosted my ego with flattering awards but it was my listeners every night who loved music as much (or more) than I did, that made it all worthwhile. After a brief retirement from radio for personal reasons, I worked for K-ROCK-Seattle, and KJR-FM.  Today, I run my own voiceover business (1994-present) doing voice work for Microsoft, AT&T, American Express, Shell and a slew of other clients. Yes, I’m that pre-recorded bitch that says “We appreciate your call….please hold, we’ll be with you momentarily”. And, YES, I can feel you cussing at me every time I say it. (more…)


Pants Off And Into The Tub With Jeffrey Naumann

Jeffrey Naumann is a long standing veteran of the music industry with well over 30 years of experience in radio and record promotion and marketing. While at RCA for 12 years he was instrumental in breaking countless bands.  After his stint with RCA he moved to Virgin for 17 years where he was a key player leading to the successful careers of artists such Lenny Kravitz, Rolling Stones, and dozens of other bands.

1. Tell us  the origins of Naumann-ism’s
It started in Junior High School when my closest friends had a similar sense of humor and started giving people nicknames. The first being Jensen. Jensen was sad sack of a kid. The kind that flunked Gym and would wet his pants in class. It evolved over the years and some actually wanted a nickname. It also became nicknames for body parts i.e. “the wall at Fenway park” would refer to a person with a big ass. At one point Michael Plen and I created “the dictionary” which is all the nicknames that were created over the years. To get a sense of all this go to Facebook Groups and join Naumann-ism’s. Quite a funny site. (more…)