Industry Profile with Steve Walker. RadioContraband…Why?

I started in radio at KBER in Salt Lake City.  It was an amazing experience working for the underdog rock radio station, doing our best to break all the rules.  Shortly after being told I was the 2nd worst jock on the station, I made the move to LA and the transition to the record side, working for Enigma Records, with a truly amazing group of people: Sam Kaiser, John Kirksey (RIP, my friend), Ron Cerrito, Brian McDonald, Michelle Munz, to name a few.  I then had the opportunity to move to Seattle for Virgin’s sister label, Charisma, and became a Virgin after the merger. A brief stint at Artist Direct, and Aezra Records brought me to where I am today.  To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out where I am. (more…)


A Glimpse Of Music History With Marc Nathan

Marc Nathan wrote a fan letter to Todd Rundgren when he was 15 years old (1970), and when a response came from an Ampex Records promotion man, a career was born. Nathan went up to Ampex to thank them for their reply, and never left. He subsequently did radio promotion for Bearsville, Casablanca, Playboy/Beserkley, Mushroom, Sire, RCA, IRS, Modern, Atco and Atlantic, and in 1988 discovered a dance/pop record (“I Beg Your Pardon” – KON KAN) while on vacation in Toronto, and subsequently shifted to A&R. Kon Kan’s pop success was followed by Linear (Top 5 POP), King Missile (#1 Alternative), and Terry Tate (Top 10 R&B) but his desire to sign the Cowsills (in 1991) got him in trouble, and fired. In 1995, he reunited with Doug Morris at the inception of Rising Tide, later to become Universal Records, and was responsible for signing Merril Bainbridge (Top 5 POP), the Cash Money Records deal (Juvenile, BG, The Hot Boyz, and Lil’ Wayne) and 3 Doors Down. (more…)


Rockin' Reno With Jave Patterson

Allison and Jave Patterson with Ozzy

Jave Patterson, at KDOT in Reno, has seen the ever-changing radio and music environment from several points of view, from the early days as a roadie working with Metallica, Kiss, Paul McCartney, Queensryche and the Scorpions, (just to name a few) working his way up from promotion intern to mid-day jock at KISS/San Antonio, to Program Director at KDOT. (more…)


Jesse James Dupree – The Hardest Working Man In Rock!

Jesse James Dupree, the chainsaw wielding lead singer and guitarist of the multi-platinum selling band Jackyl is as active behind the scenes as he is on stage. Emerging in the early 1990ʼs, the band has enjoyed success for over
twenty years and maintains a dedicated and loyal following. The Guinness Book of World Records identified Jackyl as the hardest working band in Rock ʻnʼ Roll and the band continues to tirelessly tour the country. Jackylʼs catalog includes collaborations with Rock ʻnʼ Roll Hall of Famersʼ Brian Johnson of AC/DC, as well as DMC, one half of the revolutionary hip-hop group Run-DMC. (more…)


Tim Binder – New Ocean Media

Tim with In This Moment

My journey all started back when I was around six or seven years of
age recording songs off the radio by holding a fisher-price cassette
recorder. I loved music and I loved the anticipation of what song was
going to come next. At times I would even record over the beginning of
the song and do my own impersonation of a radio DJ introducing the
song. Jumping ahead and while in high school I started a local fanzine
with a buddy from school, it was carbon copied and stapled, and then
delivered to all the local music stores and clubs that we could drive
too. I was in charge of layout and would also write some reviews and
photograph bands when they come to town. There was nothing quite like
finishing an issue and holding a fresh copy in your hands after all
the long hours that went into it. (more…)


Rockin' the sunshine with Jen Shevlin


Jen Shevlin with Trapt

I went to school at UCSD. Just before I graduated I got a job as an intern at Rock 105.3 (KIOZ) in San Diego working for Mikey Esparza at night. There were some crazy things going on in the studio most nights. I’m sure in this day and age you would get fined over. Let’s just say we had a lot of fun. I worked for him for about a year when he got hired to do afternoons at KSJO.

From there I got an actual paid job working in promotions under Shauna Moran. When a full time position became available I jumped at it. It was programming assistant for a few Clear Channel stations in San Diego. I made it a point to learn as much as I could and that included Selector. I helped out Rock 105.3 with music scheduling and eventually became Music Director of KGB. I did that for a couple of years and filled in on-air weekends/vacations. (more…)


A VIP Pass with Tommy Nast

After realizing that I did not quite have the talent to be the next Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart growing up I figured radio was the path for me.  I grew up in Rochester, NY but moved to Los Angeles to finish High School and go to college. Having great radio guys to listen to like Wolfman Jack, Shadow Stevens, Lee “Baby” Simms and the legendary Jimmy Rabbitt I knew I had to be a rock and roll DJ!  I was lucky enough after college radio to go back to Rochester and be able to get 10 years under my belt  there and in Syracuse before I returned to LA to join and eventually run Album Network.  After that, being a part of Clear Channel Entertainment (Now Live Nation) and AEG Live gave me the great experience of how the live music marketplace has evolved to what it is today. It makes me more well rounded in our business with Rock Band Entertainment currently and the expertise that Craig Lambert and I can lend to any facets of a music project. (more…)


No Conflict With Ryan Wild

Ryan Wild with Jared Leto

It all started for me doing FREE radio at KALA-FM back in 2000, while I was in college at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.  I hosted a weekly Alt Rock show that even had some visitors like O.A.R., Matt Nathanson, Virginia Coalition, Ari Hest, and more.  On the other side of things, I was delivering sporting goods to pay the bills.  From there in 2004, I wound up doing weekend overnights on Country WLLR, and still working for FREE at KALA-FM.  I would move to dayside weekends on AC KXMG-FM, and fill-in on CHR WHTS.  I would stay out of jail by staying busy at all my jobs, then in 2005, I would land overnights at CHR KBEA, then to middays a few months later. (more…)


Rock Hard with Scotty Steele at KHTQ

Scotty with Zakk Wylde

Started working summers at a KTCV…*vocational college radio* in Tri Cities when I was 15.  Got my feet wet when the instructor got me hooked up producing local hockey games with a small AM in town.  Made some connections and from there got to doing FM Oldies radio. Did a job shadow with Curt Cartier at KXRX while taking high school equivalent classes at the vocational school and showed that I wanted Rock radio as my life long career.  Stayed at KXRX for about 13 years and learned as much as humanly possible.  When the opportunity arose, I got with Rock 94 1/2 -KHTQ- here in Spokane and am able to learn radio from Gary Allen…the dude who taught Cartier the in’s and out’s of AOR/Active Rock Radio. (more…)


Catching up with Cathy Faulkner

Cathy with Alice In Chains

My Radio career started when I interviewed KISW Music Director/DJ Steve Slaton for a high school English project (I was 15). I interned after that getting paid 10 records per week (yes, in the days of vinyl) and worked my way up from Intern to APD/MD/Nights at KISW. My time at “The Rock” was from 1980-2000.  I was fortunate to work in my hometown during an amazing time in music history and be a part of something truly special that knocked the world on its ass.  The music industry boosted my ego with flattering awards but it was my listeners every night who loved music as much (or more) than I did, that made it all worthwhile. After a brief retirement from radio for personal reasons, I worked for K-ROCK-Seattle, and KJR-FM.  Today, I run my own voiceover business (1994-present) doing voice work for Microsoft, AT&T, American Express, Shell and a slew of other clients. Yes, I’m that pre-recorded bitch that says “We appreciate your call….please hold, we’ll be with you momentarily”. And, YES, I can feel you cussing at me every time I say it. (more…)