Talking Radio with Scot Fox

face shotAccording to my ‘late’ Grandmother, I started imitating radio jocks when I was about 4 years old riding in the back seat of the car. I have no recollection of doing that but, as far back as I can remember, I told everyone I wanted to be on the radio. While I was in High School, I worked at the local skating rink and would always get on the mic and imitate the New Orleans radio announcers (Weerd Wayne, Pal Al, Jack Da Whack, Terry Young)

So, after High School and a very promising career in Auto Parts Retail Management (kidding), I decided to go for my dream in radio. I was living in New Orleans and picked up the phone book (remember those?) and called every radio station in the book until someone called me back. It was Terry Hickman at WTIX and he offered me a job board-opping the overnight shift for 5 bucks an hour. We had satellite jocks but the music had to be played locally. It was awesome! After I got comfortable there, I would take the satellite jock off the air, use his name (Shotgun Mark Kelly…sorry dude), and I’d do the breaks live LOL I was horrible but never got caught thankfully.

So, from that first job at WTIX, I just worked my way up through the ranks. (more…)


Going Bananas with Blando

BlandoI was about 3 years into a Biology degree when I realized it really wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. Around that same time, a buddy mentioned he was applying for a job at ECU’s radio station to put on his resume. I said “ECU has a radio station?” Sounded fun so I signed up as well and got a job on the morning shift. 7a – 9a on Tuesdays and Thursdays were my first taste of programming. I thought I was Alan Freed blowing minds and changing lives with my 5,000 watt signal and picked over, half empty file cabinet full of singles to pull from. The next semester I did an internship with WXNR (New Rock 99X at that time) and fell in love. 2 years later, I got a phone call that the whole fulltime staff was let go in the same day and they needed me to help cover events. It sucked to see my friends go but even they said it was my shot and to take it. 9 years later and I’m still here at WXNR (now 99.5 The X) and through ups, downs, and sideways I still love what I do.  I mean hell, on any given day I could be talking to some rock icon or getting to hear a new song from a favorite band before anyone else or exposing some kid wearing a band t-shirt to his/her new favorite band for the first time. As my girlfriend reminds me, my worst day at work is better than most people’s best. True story. (more…)


Right Place at The Right Time with Johnny Thrash

thrashI’m the ultimate example of being in the right place at the right time. I didn’t start in radio until November 2008, when I got a job here at KBZS as a board op, after answering an ad that I had heard on the station. After a couple of months, they put me on weekends and on March 1, 2009, I started tracking Middays full-time.

I worked as a shipping manager at the time, so I would come in and track my next day’s show, do barter, etc. after work. I stayed busy as hell, but no matter what, I appreciated the opportunity I had been given and gladly accepted any assignment from the PD or OM…even when it was to board op a Gospel show on our AM station every Sunday morning at 7. Needless to say, I suffered through a lot of hangovers behind that board but it all paid off when the PD who hired me moved on and I was offered the position. I took over as PD and moved to afternoons on March 1, 2010 and have been here since. (more…)


Shots with Frank Pain

frank painWhile I had a couple of different radio internships in various cities, my time in radio has been spent (20+ years) at KEYJ in Abilene. I started off on overnights and after a few drunken years on that shift was moved to nights. After an extremely brief stint on nights, I was moved to mornings…where I’ve been since. I’ve been PD/Brand Manager for the past decade.

1. Gotta start with ‘What are your three most Rock & Roll moments?’ (more…)


Life, Radio…..and Zoolander with Brock Havens

BH PICI get to talk about myself!  YAY!!  So, I started in radio kind of by accident.  Summer of 2004 I was taking a tour of my soon-to-be campus at Elmhurst College, which is just 18 miles (or 2 hours in traffic) west of Chicago.  I was going there to play football and more than likely just get a teaching degree, that is, until we came across the campus radio station.  88.7 WRSE was where I did my first broadcast ever and caught the radio bug.  I recently listened to an old aircheck of my show “Classic Rock with Brock”(catchy, right?)…not gonna lie…it was terrible.  Anyways, I spent 2 years there and also interned at 97.9 the Loop & Q101 before I finally said “This is it.  This is what I want to do with my life.”  So, January of 2007, I moved out to Huntington Beach, California to attend the Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting. (more…)


Enjoying Life with Gabriella D'Agostino

1402948_667152834050_953458128_oI got into radio on accident. I was 19, going to school at Cal State Monterey when I met Jason LaChance. Jason (at the time) was on X103.9 the ALT station in Monterey. We started talking about bands, music, etc… I mentioned Sevendust & from there, Jason & I were family. I went into the station one day upon an invite from Jason, I did a little banter on the air with him. We did that almost daily. They gave me a new music show because since the beginning, all I’ve ever wanted to do is, help bands.  I ended up interning for 6 months & when Jason went to KBRE in Merced, I took over Mid Days. From there, we go on a wild ride known as “the record industry.” My favorite part is when people look at how many places I’ve worked, I’m only 31, and then they ask “Why so many moves?” well… let me tell you… (more…)


In the studio with Cindy Miller

cindy in the studioBefore I stumbled into radio, I worked in a tropical fish warehouse, was a sports reporter for a newspaper, did a stint in retail, tended bar and played at being a club DJ. Nothing was quite the right fit, so when a friend said “you have a big mouth and you love music, you should work in radio”, I figured, why not? (Dad said he’d pay for me to either get married or go to school, which explains why my fiancé and I are now combing through the couch cushions looking for change for our big shindig this year.) Anywhoodles, after taking the course at the Columbia School of Broadcasting and many nights carrying doughnut bribes to the overnight guy at a station in Tampa who let me run his board (I thought he was doing me a favor, in hindsight, maybe he was just lazy and looking for someone to do his job for him), I finally returned to my home state of Michigan and got my first radio gig at my hometown station. I owe that first job to my mom, who was a super P1 and called the station to ask if they’d hire me – thanks mom! After some time on the AM Classic Country station and the sister rocker, I got the APD/morning gig at WWBN in Flint (the mighty Banana!), then took my first PD job at WABX in Evansville, moved on to be the PD at WBYR, WOTT and now at WSFL and WXNR in Eastern NC. I do not miss the snow. Nope, not at all. (more…)


Turning It Up To 11 with Frank Mastalerz

frankmastalerz copyA Bio on a promoter… Hmmmm…. Well here goes nothin. I started over 20 years ago booking shows for my cousin’s band in and around Chicago. It was an original project and I ran them through all of the popular venues throughout Chicagoland. Those simple times really carved out the basics for working with venues, the marketing that was associated with them and the makeup of each particular location they played.  I met lots of really interesting people, found out who really made the music scene tic and started to create my own footprint in the music world. (more…)


Going Artie Fufkin with Jeff Laufer and Rock Bands of LA

Jeff LauferJefferson A. Laufer is a second-generation native to Los Angeles, the music capitol of the world. He is the chief journalist for Rock Bands of LA. This has been a long laborious under taking yet it’s been a labor of love and devotion for Jeff…..

I was fortunate to work in the record business for over 27 years. Within these 27 years I was fortunate to work with many artist that altered social culture. My job entailed getting records played on the radio. It was considered that the more radio airplay you accumulated the more records you’d sell. Unfortunately it did not always work that way. The public is fickle and never follows the norm. (more…)


Talkin' Radio with Kaytie the Rock Goddess at WOBG

Kaytie HeadshotHmmmmm… a bio you want. Let’s see. I talk a lot, I love music and I’m not a model… so radio just seemed to fit. Plus, I’m a total douche and not afraid to make fun of myself… and I usually laugh when people make fun of me.

In all honesty, my start in radio was a happy accident. I was going to school at WVU for Journalism and heard an add on WCLG-FM for part timers. I went on the website and saw ‘Program Director Jeff Miller.’ That seemed like an important title so I sent Jeff an email and set up an interview. A week later I was doing my first live weekend shift. Within the year, I began voicetracking the overnights and took over the local music show. A few months later, one of our morning show jocks left so I slid into her position. Seven months later, the decision was made to syndicate the mornings with Lex and Terry, so I was moved to the nights where I stayed for 6 years. (more…)