A Day In The Life of In2une’s Dave Lombardi

Dave Lombardi“I grew up in Montville, NJ… and just loved music! I loved DJing because it was a chance to turn people on to new music, and I loved to talk about music, and I realized that a big part of promotion was exactly that.” – Dave Lombardi

By Beatrix Danko

Dave started DJing at dorm and frat parties while at Rutgers, and eventually moved to the school pub and then to a couple local clubs. He also joined Garden State Record Pool and quickly became the point person for Alternative and Rock music, writing for the pool newsletter and helping the pool director track down the right records for members.

After graduating, his first job was as Head DJ for the 94th Bomb Group in Fairfield, NJ, and a couple of months later, as a way to build positive industry contacts, started his own record pool. He DJed at the China Club in NYC and at the Loop Lounge in Passaic Park, NJ.

Dave’s first label job was Club Promotion Manager for Island/4th & B’Way; he left there to start up an Alternative Radio Promotion division for Pellegrino Promotions; followed by almost 13 years at Warner Bros. in Burbank, starting as the Alt Radio Promotion Manager and eventually becoming National Director Promotion, Rock Radio. After WB, spent a few years at Arista as Senior Director of Rock and Alternative Promotion, and then moved to the Capitol Music Group and Astralwerks as Head of Promotion. Dave spent over 11 years there, becoming Head Of Promotion for Caroline, then a part of the Special Ops promo team, and finally VP of Promotion, for Caroline once again.

In June, Lombardi has joined the NEW YORK team at In2une Music as SVP Promotion of Rock Formats. (more…)


Jade Springart Brings the Rock to Detroit Rock City

Jade“We never want to isolate our female audience and while I can connect with them differently, I can also relate to what men want. Rock N’ Roll isn’t just music, it’s a state of being & it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman.” -Jade Springart

By Carl C. Sundberg

Jade Springart lives for rock n roll. As the music director of one of the most legendary rock radio stations in the country – 101 WRIF – she bring the Rock to Detroit Rock City. She hosts Saturdays from 9a-2p on 101.1 WRIF, middays from 10a-2p on the Riff2, WRIF’s HD2 station, and hosts a new music show The Undercover Sound System Mondays on Riff2 as well. And in true Detroit fashion, Jade Springart worked hard to get here. Rising through the ranks, paying her dues, taking every opportunity she was given and dominating, she seems destined for this line of work. And maybe she was.

As a kid she remembers listening to Karen Savelly and Ken Calvert every day on the radio in Detroit, MI. Once, her mom won a prize on air and Jade thought it was the coolest thing ever to hear her mom talking on the radio. After she graduated high school, she met a couple people who worked in radio and thought it was awesome. In college she pursued an internship in radio. After stepping foot in Great Media Detroit building for her first event, she knew this was what she wanted to do. (more…)


Johnny Maze – A Brief History of a Broadcast Veteran on the Rise

jm head“When I started here [at WZBH 93.5 The Beach] two months ago, I heard Dave [Grohl] owns a home in Rehoboth Beach and visits several times a year. We get Dave sightings from listeners to alert us when he’s in town. If I could meet Dave before Frank Pain, that would be awesome.” – Johnny Maze

By Carl C. Sundberg

At first, Johnny Maze strikes you as a tough son-of-a-bitch, the kind of dude you wouldn’t want to cross. Before your first conversation is over, you realize…he is that guy. What else can you expect from a kid born in Jersey and raised in Houston? But what else you realize is that it’s very clear the guy has a massive heart, sharp sense of humor and complete laser focus when you talk to him. Some people you talk to, you can tell they’re not really listening. They’re waiting for their turn to talk. Not Johnny Maze. When you talk to Maze, he is listening, intensely. To every word you say. It’s at once disarming as it is comfortable. And it is probably the secret key to Maze’s epic career so far and what will carry him even farther. If you want to make it anywhere in the radio business, you have to be able to listen. (more…)


The Comedic Rock Adventures of Robert England

IMG_1289 (1)“I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of rock icons; Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Michael Hutchinson, Peter Frampton, oh and Little Richard pinched my butt. I was at a chateau in Italy with U2, and Bono served wine with the caveat that there were no preservatives/no hangovers. Was that true, you ask? I don’t know…I was drinking tequila.” -Robert England

By Carl C. Sundberg

Some people are funny, some people are not. We can all pretty much agree on that. But when it comes to the people who are, in fact, funny, being around them brings up the mood of an entire room. It’s a gift. Funny people are rare.

Robert England is indeed, one of the rare breed of humans who are in fact, genuinely funny. Not in any sort of forced, “hey look at me, everyone!” sort of way. No, Robert England is naturally funny like Tom Cruise is naturally handsome.

Like Lady Gaga, he was just born this way.

At least, to us mortals of the comic persuasion, it seems that is the case. (more…)


A Closer Look at One of Our Own: RadioContraband Contributing Editor Carl Sundberg

10653867_10205472487469370_6760122392057418347_n“Never let the bastards win. Believe in yourself and know that you can make your life into anything you want it to be. Be vigilant, be smart, be courageous and fight for everything that matters to you. You will be surprised at the results.” – Carl Sundberg

It was the New Year of 2016 and Carl Sundberg was a little lost. He had lost his job as Program Director and Digital Content Director of 101.5 KFLY in Eugene, OR, a top rated powerhouse rock station, the summer before when the parent group Bicoastal Media flipped the format and let go of the entire staff. It was a devastating blow at the time, as Sundberg had been working there for over a decade. He had been out of work for half a year by the time the new year came and went.

Down on his luck, his unemployment dried up, he was living on the little savings that he had stored up for a time just like this and after months of applying for jobs and hundreds of rejections later, he was beginning to get worried. Flipping burgers was surely on his horizon. (more…)


The Pure Gonzo Life of Ryan Castle, APD/MD of KISW in Seattle

rcc“I got drunk with Jim Root from Slipknot in the kitchen of a 70’s and 80’s dance club in Iowa.” – Ryan Castle

By Carl C. Sundberg

When Ryan Castle first heard “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses on 99.9 KISW, the Rock of Seattle, he knew what he wanted to do.

He was 10.

But as a kid growing up in Everett, WA, just north of Seattle, it seemed an improbable reality that one day, many jobs and many years later, Ryan Castle would be the Assistant Program Director/Music Director and host of his own Midday show, on that very same station, playing rock n’ roll for a whole new generation of headbangers. No, he was just another kid with a radio. A listener. Like many of us at that age, he would call in to the top 40 station in Seattle, KPLZ, during their “Smash or Trash” feature at night with “Mark in the Dark”. Regular kid stuff. (more…)


Getting “Creepy” With Pete McNair, APD of Rock 102 KFMA in Tucson

Creepy Pete“I feel like radio in general has been playing scared, not playing to win. Radio can be competitive if we allow talented people do talented things.” – “Creepy” Pete McNair

By Carl C. Sundberg

Born and raised in Wisconsin where he grew up milking cows and bailing hay, “Creepy” Pete McNair’s relationship with radio started like many of them do – in a car with his dad. A man of few words, Pete’s dad used the radio in the car to fill the silence on any given trip. Talk shows. A Brewer’s game. Paul Harvey. It was the play-by-play guy or the soothing delivery of a story from Paul that he remembers most. As a kid it was boring to Pete. But looking back, it’s all fond memories and probably why he ended up interested and loving radio so much.

While his love for radio started as a kid, it wasn’t until 2001 that McNair got his first taste of radio volunteering for KXCI 91.3 in Tucson, AZ. “Growing up a music lover and someone that didn’t have a great scholastic career I found radio through the community college in Tucson, AZ and discovered a passion,” recalls McNair. “Radio supplied me with a desire to learn, an outlet for creativity and allowed to still be the class clown. It has seemed to work for me so far.” (more…)


Steve Huber’s Long, Crazy Ride From The Farm to 98 Rock In Baltimore

Steve Huber“What a long, crazy ride up the ladder. Wouldn’t change a thing.” -Steve Huber

By Carl C. Sundberg

Steve Huber is the Assistant Program Director and Music Director of one of the most notorious rock radio stations on the east coast, WIYY, 98 Rock in Baltimore, MD. He hosts “Attack of the 90’s” on Sunday mornings and schedules and seeks out music for a new rock show “Tune Farm”. His ascent through the ranks at the station Huber grew up listening to his whole life is testament to his hard work and determination, having worked in the radio world for 16 years and counting now.

He started as an intern for 98 Rock in May of 1998, which blossomed into a Promotions Assistant within a year. Two years after his internship he was Assistant Promotions Director. In May of 2009, he became the Music Director and in March 2015 he acquired the fabled Assistant Program Director title in addition to his role as MD. (more…)


“Addicted To Radio” with Anthony “Roach” Proffitt

Anthony Roach Proffitt 99XMy name is Anthony Proffit …..and I am a “Radio Addict”. When I was 13 years old, I won my first radio contest with Mason Dixon on Q105 in Tampa with “Mason Dixon” . My mom cursed up a storm in the background because I ran into the house with my soccer cleats on after practice, trampling mud in the house. I quickly dialed the phone (of course it was the old rotating dial ones—-with the 50 ft. extension chord). I knew the “Phrase that Pays- Q105 Means Music and Money” and the last Christmas song played “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer!”Cha Ching…$100 bucks for me! I was HOOKED! (more…)


Music Front And Center with Gabby Canella

CoreyTaylor_MusicChoiceBTS_070615_03Music has always been a passion of mine, but I never expected to make a career out of it. Growing up, I listened to a lot of heavy metal and hard rock and was a huge fan of the legendary college radio station, 89.5 FM WSOU out of Seton Hall University. I decided to go to Seton Hall partially because of WSOU and had it not been for this station, my life would have turned out totally different.

I became involved with WSOU my freshman year purely as a hobby; I was deadset on majoring in English. After joining the staff and weaving my way up the ranks, I realized that I could actually make a career around the music I loved so much. I changed majors fast (thank god— I probably saved myself from having to write so many extra papers) and haven’t looked back since. During my four years at WSOU, I served as Music Director and a DJ among other roles. (more…)