Perry WIIL Rock You

I am WIIL ROCK’s longest standing on air jock, just shy of 25 years on air at WIIL ROCK! (Began October of 1992)  Prior to working here, I worked on air at 93QFM in Milwaukee. I’m also going on 20 years as Program Director here at WIIL ROCK. Thanks to RadioContraband, I was awarded the coveted Major Market Program Director Of The Year at the RadioContraband Awards in Las Vegas 2 years in a row in 2014 and 2015. When I’m not working, I’m a weekend warrior hockey player, a huge fan of Jeep Wranglers and other off road cars and trucks. I’ve had the opportunity to see thousands of bands perform live in concert and I still love going to live shows.

1. What inspired you to get into broadcasting? (more…)


Kaso = Rock…..Q&A with Roadrunner’s Phil Kaso

By Gary Susalis

Born in Queens NY – 19*%?
•    Managed a Mom & Pop record shop in High School/ College
•    Graduated Fordham University – Marketing/Finance Degree
•    RCA Records – Promotion Coordinator 1997-1999
•    Roadrunner Records – 1999 – present.
•    Promotion Coordinator/Video Promotion/College Promotion 1999-2001
•    Northeast Regional Promotion Director – 2001-2014,
•    Sr. Director National Rock & Alternative Promotion 2015-present

1. What is your earliest music memory and what impression did it leave on you? Additionally, what was the first record you remember buying? (more…)


Tenacious J….6 Questions with Jeremy Nicolato

By Gary Susalis

Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. Waist-deep in my 22nd year in radio. It’s taken me to Phoenix, West Palm Beach, Sacramento and I’ve spent the last decade programming as well as holding down the morning show — The Morning After — with my partner Big J here at The X in Boise. Out-punted my coverage and married a beautiful young lady named Michelle with whom I have two wonderful sons, Jax and Cash. Also, I yell at the TV during sporting events and video games more than any rational 40 year old man should.

1. What is your earliest memory of radio?
Although I don’t remember how old I was, I vividly recall taking a tour of Top 40 WKTI in Milwaukee as a Cub Scout and being completely mesmerized by the reel to reel machines and the cart machines I saw. I just took it all in and thought, “This is the coolest thing in the history of cool things.”  I called into the legendary morning show Reitman & Mueller the next week to ask them how to get into radio. They instantly put me on the air and made a bit about it. Advising me to not do it and spend my life doing something more productive. I did not listen to them. (more…)


Shep Reps The Rock Worldwide

2016-08-09 12.46.16

By Gary Susalis

What drove you to get into the music business, specifically radio?
My interest in music began in the late 70’s. It was a combination of a young boy listening to the WLS morning show with John Landecker, and visiting a local radio station that was in a mall in Cherryville, Ill. Then, when I was eight years old, “WKRP in Cincinnati” premiered, and I decided my fate that night. (more…)


Rock Out Till You Black Out with Mark “Elwood” Mailler

Profile 3By Gary Susalis

Rock N Roll! Mark “Elwood” Mailler here! I was born and raised in beautiful Jersey and a proud Monmouth University Graduate. I am 34 years old and currently live in Chicago. I am the Program Director and Morning Drive Host at WRXQ Q Rock 100.7 right outside of Chicago in Joliet, IL. I got into Rock Radio in college and got my first gig at WCHR The Hawk right on the Jersey Shore (I am not Italian, I’m Polish, so no fist pumping) From there I headed down south to Myrtle Beach, SC and spent many years at WKZQ where I pretty much did all day parts and learned a ton about the business with some great people including my best bud Mason Brazelle. After 7 years at KZQ, my wife was given a promotion to head the finance department at House of Blues Chicago for Live Nation. So I sadly had to leave KZQ and head north to Chicago. After a short run with IHEART radio and Good Day Chicago TV, I was given the chance to host Morning Drive at WRXQ and jumped all over it. Worked side by side with great programmers and personalities such as Mark Zander, Tim Dukes, and more. In 2014 I became Program Director and decided to make a change as WRXQ was a Classic Rock Format. I slowly began playing more Active Rock, 90s, and 2000s to move the format forward in the Rock Radio World. Huge Thank you to John Perry of WIIL who let me annoy him on a daily basis for info and more.  The last 4 years have been some of the most exciting years in my radio career and can’t wait to see what’s next! (more…)


Dreams Come True with Zander

12654534_10208367462054782_6347642253030275753_nI was born and raised in Chicago.  I got my career started in suburbia.  I landed my first gig in the big city and saw first-hand the birth of the Active Rock format as a weekender/swing jock at WRCX ROCK 103-5 in 1994.  I logged on-air time in the CHI at WCKG, WLUP 97-9 The Loop (teenage dream come true!), WZZN 94-7 The Zone, and WDRV 97-1FM The Drive.  I was interspersed over the years…weekender at the legendary 93 ‘QFM in Milwaukee and Creator/Host/Producer of The Rockin’s 80’s national radio show, heard all over North America for 10 years.  Now I’m the PD/Afternooner at WXRX in Rockford – a return to the scene of the crime for me; I did a Saturday Night request show here on The X in early ’94!


Going To A Helluva Party with Jon Ballard

dsc_0565Without a doubt, listening to KISW in the late 70’s and 80’s was my biggest influence. “Those Dudes” Langan and West, Gary Crow and Bob Hovaines, and Steve Slaton . . . The things they were getting away with on the  radio sounded like a helluva party. A party that I wanted an invitation to. Amazingly, after an internship at crosstown KZOK, and a typical “First Gig” in Palm Springs, I somehow convinced Beau Phillips and Jon Robbins to not only let me in the door, but put me on the air – giving me the chance to work with a lot of my idols. It was ridiculously hard not to totally geek out the first few months. Moving around, I’ve worked directly with, and learned from, some amazing people . . .  Sky Daniels, the great Steve Young, Dan Persigehl, Bob Neumann, Buddy Rizer, Joe Bevilaqua, Dan Michaels, Bill Cahill . . . all have influenced me in ways I can’t begin to describe, and I often find myself telling my staff the same things that they told me. Dammit! I’m turning into my “Radio Dads.”

  • KISW / Seattle: 1987 – 1997 (Pretty much everything – started dong weekend overnights, finished in PM Drive)
    KZZP / Phoenix: 1997 – 1998 (Mornings)
    DC101 / Washington, DC: 1998 – 2006 (PM Drive)
    WBIG / Washington, DC: 2006 – 2010 (Mornings)
    WVRK / Columbus, GA: 2011 – 2013 (PD / PM Drive)
    KKBZ / Fresno, CA: 2013 – Present (PD / PM Drive)I also wrote and performed comedy for the ABC Comedy Network in the 90s, before leaving Seattle.



The History of Cranked Up Live with Curtis McKinney and Brad Hennington

culCranked Up Live  is a syndicated weekly 3 hour hard rock radio show and 1 hour hard rock video show hosted by Curtis McKinney and Brad Hennington. Started in 2009, the show was originally known as The Metal Shop but was changed in 2013 as the format and music genres of the show were expanded.  The radio show is a combination of music, comedy, talk, and interviews along with the ‘Advice from the Desk of Mr. Holland’, the ‘Cranked Up Five’, ‘Psycho Picks’, ‘Block of Rock’, and the ‘Joke of the Week’.

Cranked Up Live now has 4 studios (New Mexico, Hawaii, Texas) and a staff that works tirelessly to produce a quality product ever week. The show is now heard on over 65 stations around the world and growing all the time. It has also expanded to a show on MeeMeeTV. – Every week the show is filmed in the New Mexico and Hawaii studios, condensed to a one hour video version and distributed to viewers. It has become one of the biggest shows on MeeMeeTV and just wrapped filming the second season. (more…)


Celebrating 25 Years of Metal with Munsey

Musnsey Ricci_1Skateboard Marketing Ltd. has been at the forefront of independent metal radio promotion for the past 25 years since forming in 1991. The company has worked legendary rock and metal heavyweights such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Pantera, Soilwork, Testament, Morbid Angel, Black
Label Society and Kid Rock, among countless others. Skateboard Marketing operates within North America and is located in New York. Their concept is to get radio airplay in any place that has metal or rock programming. They still believe in artist development and building a fan base for the unknown artist. Every band has their time to shine, but that takes artist development.

Skateboard Marketing Ltd owner, Munsey Ricci, is a former PolyGram Records executive who was the Director of National Metal Promotion from 1989-1991 and created the first metal department for the label and all affiliated labels, including
Mercury, Polydor, RooArt and London Records. Ricci also worked for the famed Combat/In-Effect Records in Hollis, Queens. Ricci was also on the editorial staff and collated the magazine for CMJ Media and a former syndicated radio programmer prior to PolyGram Records. Ricci spent 5 years as MD/PD for his college station WQCC while attending college. (more…)


Just Chillin’ with WYBB’s Matthew Potter

PotterPotter has always been a music guy, loved discovering new music, meshing it with old stuff…

By Beatrix Danko

I did some College Radio with a friend of mine. 3 semesters at WUSC (Home of the USC Gamecocks.) We were supposed to play music, but we ended up writing a bunch of skits and performing them for our drunk friends on air. They were the only ones listening. Our show was Tuesday nights 2am-4am, and we eventually got kicked off for a small fire we accidentally started that I’m pretty sure was not our fault, but not positive.

After college I traveled a bunch, when I ran out of money, I came home and got a job at WARQ in Columbia, solely because I was friends with the promotions director and they were in desperate need of someone to run the boards while everybody was out doing live remotes. No intentions at that point of getting into the industry.

I moved to Charleston in 2003 to run a restaurant/bar. Knowing I had no no intention of doing that for a living either, I walked into WYBB and WCOO with the hopes of landing a sales job. With no sales experience, they said “you need to quit playin’, and stop actin’ so crazy,” or something like that. Luckily, Mike Allen (the best Operations/Programmer guy in the biz) said, I need a weekend jock so I picked it up as my second job. Then people started listening to me, moved up the ranks, and here we are…..Head Trash Taker Outer….plus, I program our Active Rock and Triple A stations, while Managing Operations and playing loud rock n roll in the afternoons during my show, “Happy Hour w/ Potter.” (more…)