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On the Radar, week of April 24

010563bdcc8c49ad9e1521be792e59fd.1000x1000x1Robert England

Gooood morning everybody!

Papa Roach “Help” is #1^ again for the 4th consecutive week, up 37 spins.  Jumping 4 to 2^, Starset “Monster,” up a whopping 218 spins.  Track sales are up again, 5% this week of 4,700.  Rate the Music #2 men 18-24, #4 men overall, #2 people 18-34, #3 people 25-34.  New power rotation at KDJE.  If you don’t have Starset in power yet, make that move and let’s get the band their first #1 single.  3^ is Seether “Let You Down,” up 126 spins.  Strong track sales again this week, over 1150.  New power rotations at WFXH, WFTK, KAZR, KLAQ, WXNX and many more.  Scooting from 7 to 5^, Mastodon “Show Yourself.”  The track is up 48 spins.   (more…)


On the Radar, week of April 17

67176560Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  Hope you all had a good holiday weekend, remember that Peeps will be 75-90% off in your retail establishments.  #1^ again this week, Papa Roach “Help.”  The track is up an additional 55 spins.  Jumping 5 to 3^, Seether “Let You Down.”  The track is up 147 spins.  Single sales are over 1200 again this week.  4^ is Starset “Monster,” up 50 spins.  Single sales of 1,797 this week, 40,398 to date.  Streaming this week, 411,160.  (#3 streaming rock record, behind alternative and top 40 hit artists Twenty One Pilots and Missio.)   New airplay at KEGL.  New rotation moves at WBYR and WTPT.  Moving a notch to 5^, Pop Evil “If Only for Now,” up 63 spins. (more…)


On the Radar, week of April 10

03-ogRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  This past weekend I was up in Fresno for KKBZ’s Blazefest, featuring Shinedown, Sick Puppies and As Lions.  There was a big crowd, ready to rock from when the gate opened.  Each band got to showcase more of their material with extended sets.  As always, Shinedown brought down the house.  As Lions were impressive, and Sick Puppies has never disappointed.  Unfortunately, All That Remains had to cancel their appearance after Delta Airlines had problems at their hub in Atlanta due to violent thunderstorms.  Special thanks to KKBZ’s Jon Ballard and staff for their hospitality. Now on to the music. (more…)


On the Radar, week of 4/3

Papa Roach - Help (Eleven Seven-ESMG) 2-21Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  I hope you all had a good weekend. Let’s review the chart. Moving from #4 to 1^ this week, Papa Roach “Help.” The track is up 303 spins. Congratulations to the Eleven Seven crew.  At 2^, Korn “Take Me,” up 78 spins. Jumping 6 to 4^, Starset “Monster.”  Rate the Music scores: #1 men 18-24, #2 men 18-34, #1 people 18-24 and #2 people 18-34. New power rotation KNCN. “Monster” sold 1800 tracks sold this week, 37,000 to date, The album Vessels has sold 32,000 to date.  Now is the time to move this up in rotation- you are part of a great building story.  (more…)


On the Radar, week of March 27

Breaking BenjaminRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  We have a new #1^ this week, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again” moved up a notch this week.  The track is up 171 spins.  Congratulations to Buddy Deal and the entire Hollywood Records promotions staff.  Moving a notch to #2^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 144 spins.  Moving 6 to 4^, Papa Roach “Help,” up 194 spins.

Moving a notch to 6^, Starset “Monster,” up 92 spins.  New add at press time, KATT.  The single and album are showing consistent sales every week; a sure sign of a breaking new artist. Starting week 30 on the Active chart at #7 is Beartooth “Hated.” Moving into the top ten from 11 to 8^, Seether “Let You Down,” up 96 spins.  New power bump at WXQR.  Remember the track for your next power rotation bump.  9^ is Pop Evil “If Only for Now.”  Week after week have been great Rate the Music scores:  #1 persons 18-34, #1 males 18-34, #2 persons 12+, #3 females 18-34.
Jumping 13 to 10^, Incubus “Nimble Bastard,” up 50 spins. (more…)


On the Radar, week of March 20

screen-shot-2016-03-19-at-5-18-35-pmRobert England

Good morning everybody! Happy first day of spring!!! Marshmallow Peeps are everywhere. Let’s talk a little music. Celebrating its 5th week at #1, Shinedown “How Do You Love?”  #2^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again,” up 105 spins and just 11 spins from #1.  Moving a notch to 3^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 118 spins.  #4 is The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  Streaming this week, 81k, 1.7 million to date. #5 is Beartooth “Hated,”  11.5 million total streams.  The track is #1 iTunes recent release.  Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour comments, “This band give me hope for the future.”  Check out the video; 1.8 million views to date. (more…)


On the Radar, week of March 13

Shinedown - Asking For It (Atlantic) 4-19Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  We lost an hour, so let’s get to it.  Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1 again this week, 2^ is Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 55 spins.  3^ is The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  New power rotation at KXXR, KLAQ, WWBN, WTPT and WQBK.  In rotation at iHeart Custom.  (I liked Premium Choice better.) Moving a notch to 4^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 56 spins.  New airplay at WXNX.  Moving a notch to 5^, Beartooth “Hated.”  The track is up 87 spins.  Congratulations to Beartooth, Joe Guzik and Chris Belonis at Red Bull Records.   (more…)




THIS is what it’s all about! The email you are about to read is from a listener of hardDrive and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus. THIS  is the POWER OF RADIO and how it makes listeners feel. THIS reinforces WHAT we do! Amen!  (more…)


On The Radar, week of March 6

DST-spring-forward-smallerRobert England

Goood morning everybody! I hope everyone had a swell weekend. Daylight Saving begins March 12th Yeah! Now on to the music. Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1 again this week. This is the 3rd week. Moving 4 to 2^, The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  The band is coming off a consecutive four #1 singles, and when this track goes to #1 in the next week or two, this will put The Pretty Reckless ahead of Creed for most consecutive #1 singles from an Active Rock band. The track is up 88 spins. This is the 12th week on the chart.  New airplay at WRAT and KISW.  Moving 5 to 3^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 149 spins.  This is its 20th week on the chart.  New airplay at WDHA.  Moving a notch to 5^, Korn “Take Me,” up 112 spins.  New airplay in KIOZ Rubber Room.   (more…)