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On the Radar, week of March 20

screen-shot-2016-03-19-at-5-18-35-pmRobert England

Good morning everybody! Happy first day of spring!!! Marshmallow Peeps are everywhere. Let’s talk a little music. Celebrating its 5th week at #1, Shinedown “How Do You Love?”  #2^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again,” up 105 spins and just 11 spins from #1.  Moving a notch to 3^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 118 spins.  #4 is The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  Streaming this week, 81k, 1.7 million to date. #5 is Beartooth “Hated,”  11.5 million total streams.  The track is #1 iTunes recent release.  Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour comments, “This band give me hope for the future.”  Check out the video; 1.8 million views to date. (more…)


On the Radar, week of March 13

Shinedown - Asking For It (Atlantic) 4-19Robert England

Goood morning everybody!  We lost an hour, so let’s get to it.  Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1 again this week, 2^ is Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 55 spins.  3^ is The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  New power rotation at KXXR, KLAQ, WWBN, WTPT and WQBK.  In rotation at iHeart Custom.  (I liked Premium Choice better.) Moving a notch to 4^, Korn “Take Me.”  The track is up 56 spins.  New airplay at WXNX.  Moving a notch to 5^, Beartooth “Hated.”  The track is up 87 spins.  Congratulations to Beartooth, Joe Guzik and Chris Belonis at Red Bull Records.   (more…)




THIS is what it’s all about! The email you are about to read is from a listener of hardDrive and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus. THIS  is the POWER OF RADIO and how it makes listeners feel. THIS reinforces WHAT we do! Amen!  (more…)


On The Radar, week of March 6

DST-spring-forward-smallerRobert England

Goood morning everybody! I hope everyone had a swell weekend. Daylight Saving begins March 12th Yeah! Now on to the music. Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1 again this week. This is the 3rd week. Moving 4 to 2^, The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God.”  The band is coming off a consecutive four #1 singles, and when this track goes to #1 in the next week or two, this will put The Pretty Reckless ahead of Creed for most consecutive #1 singles from an Active Rock band. The track is up 88 spins. This is the 12th week on the chart.  New airplay at WRAT and KISW.  Moving 5 to 3^, Breaking Benjamin “Never Again.”  The track is up 149 spins.  This is its 20th week on the chart.  New airplay at WDHA.  Moving a notch to 5^, Korn “Take Me,” up 112 spins.  New airplay in KIOZ Rubber Room.   (more…)


On the Radar, week of February 27

Shinedown - How Did You Love (Atlantic) 10-4Robert England

Goood morning everybody…. here we are on the last week of February. Shinedown “How Did You Love” is #1^ for the second week, up an additional 30 spins.  This is the 20th week on the chart.  #4^ is The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God,” up an additional 116 spins.  New adds at KISW and KBPI.  5^ is Breaking Benjamin “Never Again,” up 53 spins.  New add at WDHA.

6^ is Korn “Take Me,” up 76 spins.  Moving a notch to 7^, Beartooth “Hated,” up 82 spins.  Spotify streams cross 10 million, 500,000 streams per week.  New airplay at WRXK. An arena tour with Bring Me the Horizon starts Thursday in Orlando.   Moving a notch to 9^, Starset “Monster.”  Spin leaders include Music Choice, KKBA, WXQR, WZOR, WJJO and WXNX.  Moving a notch to 10^, Chevelle “Door to Door Cannibals.”   (more…)


On the Radar, week of February 20

16730408_1421890474550207_4501071849141764074_nRobert England

Goood morning everybody!  We’re just back from the 5th annual RadioContraband Rock Community Convention.  It was as close to perfect as you can get.  Steve Walker, Beatrix Danko and Jacob Bunton put together an amazing event, which gets bigger and better every year. I would make sure to put this in your date book for 2018.  Big thank you to my peers for bestowing on me the 2016 Impact Award, which is the coolest trophy the TSA has ever seen. (more…)


On the Radar, week of February 13

rrc-logo05.aiRobert England

Gooood morning everybody!  We’re down to mere hours ’till we meet up in beautiful Las Vegas for the RadioContraband Rock Convention and Hootenanny.  A full schedule of events is on our website.  Plan your days accordingly.  Remember to start hydrating now.

Tips for traveling: Remember to bring hand sanitizer with you.  Your airplane tray table is loaded with filthy germs and bacteria.  Ditto your armrest.  Drinking fountain button.  The air.  Yes the air.  The overhead air vent.  (Don’t touch it, but do turn it on somehow, to keep air circulating.)  The lavatory flush button.  Seatbelt buckle.  Blanket. Bathroom stall lock.  You get the idea.  Also refer to a few of Robert’s Exclusive Tips for Keeping Your Neighboring Seat Open:  Immediately upon sitting down open your air sickness bag.  Splash water on your face and start hyperventilating.  Say “Oh god, oh god.” (Don’t overplay it.) (more…)


On the Radar, week of February 6

MET_Atlas-Cover-FinalRobert England

Goood morning everybody! Ten days until the 5th annual RadioContraband Rock and Radio Hootenanny. A full schedule will be available soon on our website.  If you haven’t registered yet but are planning to attend, do so now. Our walk up registrations are also welcome. Remember to begin hydrating now.

We have a new king of the hill this week, Metallica “Atlas, Rise!” moves to #1^.  The track is up 233 spins.  See Metallica perform at this year’s Grammys on Sunday, February 12.  Check your local listings. #2 is Green Day “Still Breathing.”  Moving 5 to 3^, Shinedown “How Did You Love.”  The track is up 202 spins.  New airplay at KICT.  Just added to iHeart radio Premium Choice.   (more…)


On the Radar, week of January 30

Still_Breathing_single_coverRobert England

Gooood morning everybody!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  The RadioContraband convention is just a little over two weeks away, A partial schedule is available on our website.  As Steve Walker says, “Stay tuned for more awesome information coming your way soon.”  Begin hydrating now.  I’m talking to you, Scot Fox.

We have a new #1^ record this week, Green Day “Still Breathing.”  The track is up 127 spins, and also the #1 track at Alternative radio.  This is the second number one from the album “Revolution Radio.”  Congratulations to Heather Luke and the Warner Bros staff.  Moving 4 to 2^, Metallica “Atlas, Rise!”  The track is up 106 spins.  This will be the next #1 track soon.  Moving 6 to 5^, Shinedown “How Did You Love.” The track is up 126 spins.   (more…)


On the Radar, week of January 23. Read by 1.2 million. Period.

Ghost - Square Hammer (Concord) 10-3Robert England

Gooood morning everybody!  The countdown continues…just over 3 weeks until the RadioContraband hootenanny, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, February 15-17.  Kiss your valentine goodbye and we’ll see you in Vegas.  If you have any questions, be sure to reach out.

#1 for the second week in a row, Ghost “Square Hammer,” which is Spongebob’s brother.  #2 is Highly Suspect “My Name is Human,” celebrating it’s 20th week on the chart.  3^ is Green Day “Still Breathing,” up 122 spins.  The track is the newly crowned #1 record at alternative radio this week.  Look for the track to go to the top of the chart very soon.  4^ is Metallica “Atlas, Rise!”  #5 is Avenged Sevenfold “The Stage.” (more…)