3 Pill Morning

3 Pill Morning is one of those bands that should be on your radar if they aren’t already!  They are Jeff (vocals), Ryan (guitars/keys), Jeremy (drums/vocals) and Charlie (bass/vocals) and with their new release Take Control this may be the album that takes them to the next level of success!  The single “Loser” has everything that you want from a song, it has that catchy hook you’re looking for and the heaviness of a rock song, the other element that 3 Pill Morning has is sincerity, I know that it is the name of the game now but you can tell after speaking with a few bands who is sincere and who isn’t, so for that alone these guys, in my opinion have a bright future!  So give a listen to the new release TAKE CONTROL and you be the judge.  I also had an opportunity to ask Jeff a few questions as they were getting ready to play a show in Des Moines, IA. (more…)



There are times that you get to talk to a band, or a member of a group, that you’re a fan of, like I am with Seether, and you hope when you get that chance you aren’t disappointed in the outcome. Well let’s just say I was smiling from ear to ear!  Seether seemingly does everything right, and no matter what the adversity, they always seem to deliver the goods. With arrival of their release, Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray, the guys have done what some bands hope to do ten years into a career. That is, to create another album with catchy hooks, haunting melodies, and overall, just great songwriting.  Seether is Shaun Morgan (vox), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums). They have recently become a three-piece, with the departure of guitarist,Troy McLawhorn, and have no plans on a replacement. As we know, some of the best bands in the world are three-piece bands-why not Seether? (more…)



Halestorm is: Lzzy Hale (lead vocals), Arejay Hale (drums), Joe Hottinger (guitar) and Josh Smith (bass). Hailing from the Philly area, Halestorm are truly one of the hardest working and genuinely sincere bands in the business today, touring nearly non-stop for the past two and half years, and playing nearly three hundred shows this past year alone. I would be surprised if you haven’t seen them on the road somewhere, and if you haven’t you should!  (more…)


Black Stone Cherry

The Kentucky-bred hard rockers in Black Stone Cherry have had their music blared from speakers large and small, toured relentlessly with the likes of Nickelback and Motörhead, and debuted at #1 on the UK rock chart with their sophomore release, 2008’s Folklore and Superstition. In the face of these successes, the band members decided to put themselves to the ultimate test for the creation of their third full-length, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: they took a year off from touring and focused all their energy on songwriting. (more…)



“We’re a different animal.”

That’s HourCast, according to frontman Patrick McBride. The band, an amalgam of classic metal riffs, electronic textures and unabashed vocal fury, represents a new breed of rock’n’roll. There’s a hunger, a do-it-yourself attitude and a determination within the group that few modern bands possess.

“To be a musician today, you have to know your craft, but you also have to sacrifice what normal people have – relationships, health care, stability, and even the idea that somebody else is working for you,” says McBride. “You have to focus and be efficient. That’s why we know studio engineering, production, law, promotion, video, art, the Web.  Hell, we even put ourselves on the ‘Rock Band Network’ – we did all the work for that on our own. You have to love every part of the process, because YOU are going to be doing it.” (more…)


The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Art often thrives in the aftermath of adversity, and since we last heard from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, there have been plenty of variables that the five-piece alternative rock act had to endure. But for the Middleburg, Florida-based band, hardships eventually ironed out thanks to unrelenting perseverance, paving the way for the band’s incredibly ambitious (and aptly titled) The Hell Or High Water EP in 2010, followed by its third and highly anticipated long player Am I The Enemy (bowing in August 2011). (more…)


Burn Halo

When one door closes, another one opens. This couldn’t be truer for musician James Hart, who spent nearly a decade recording and touring as the frontman of Orange County band 18 Visions. After their breakup in early 2007, Hart quickly redirected his creative energy and honed his talent into a singular vision that fully represents his individual skill and ideas. Never losing momentum, Hart landed a label deal with Island/Def Jam and began working almost immediately with songwriter Zac Maloy on what would become Burn Halo’s charismatic self-titled debut. (more…)


Drive A

Sometimes a chance meeting is more than it seems – in the case of Drive A, a random moment ignited a fuse resulting in a incendiary new band. Songs about rebellion, crunchy guitars and killer hooks have their foundation in old school punk and rock n’ roll that the band reveres but their stage presence and delivery is fresh and in the now. With a fan following that is expanding exponentially, it’s clear that the band is onto something. Drive A come roaring into 2011 with their brand new album, The World in Shambles, out on Dead Conflict Records this Spring. (more…)


Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge formed in 2004 by Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips after a cooling of their relationship with the Creed singer (Creed has since reconciled and reunited), the new band hooked up with then ex-Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four frontman Myles Kennedy (who recently performed and co-wrote 2 songs on Slash’s solo record and fronts his touring band). (more…)


Bobaflex singer – Shaun McCoy

1.How did you get your start in music and who are your biggest influences?

My dad taught me and my brother how to play guitar, he was bluegrass guy, but he traded his mandolins and Martin acoustic guitar for a really nice fake les paul when I was 14. Been playing ever since. My personal influence was Guns N Roses or Motley. Later came Zep and  Queen, then in the nineties I fell in love with Stone Temple and Alice in Chains. When I saw the Girls Girls Girls video(Motley), I wanted to be in a band, I wanted to be tough, have a motorcycle and have sex with strippers. I still don’t have the bike. (more…)