Radkey’s Rad Key To Success



That, in a nutshell, is Radkey. Def: Rad-Key. As in: “The Key to Rad-Ness”.

Like any great rock band, the gas in Radkey’s tank has been a will to rock on their terms. As pre-teens growing up in the Nowheresville of Saint Joseph, Missouri, they enrolled in rock n roll high school as their ticket out. With music-obsessed dad-and-former Wal-Mart employee, Matt Radke as road manager, the brothers played their first show opening for Fishbone in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. (more…)


Mon The Biff

By Gary Susalis

Biffy Clyro came together in 1995 in a school in Kilmarnock, just outside of Glasgow, when childhood friends Simon Neil (vocals/guitar) and twins James (bass/vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums/vocals) started playing music together. United by a love of underground, experimental rock and post-hardcore bands such as Braid and Karate, along with the starrier likes of Guns N’Roses and Metallica, they quickly honed their own unique sound, a mind boggling mix of off-kilter tempos, itchy, unpredictable guitars, soulful choruses and feral screams, sewn together into a strange tapestry of sound that sat resolutely apart anything else being made at the time, both in spirit and – thanks to their admirable refusal to uproot from their hometown for the dog eat dog music community of London – geographically too. (more…)


Hell Or Highwater: A Vista State of Mind

By Gary Susalis

Vista, CA sits just miles north of San Diego. Living up to its name, there’s a certain perspective from the area informing Hell Or Highwater’s second full-length album the aptly titled, Vista [Spinefarm Records]. The band—Brandon Saller [vocals], Kyle Rosa [drums], Joey Bradford [guitar], Jon Hoover [guitar], and Nick Maldonado [bass, synth]—tap into their hometown’s energy. Ultimately, Hell Or Highwater bring a new energy to rock music rooted in Vista.

1. Tell us about the album title, Vista and how it relates to each of you. (more…)


It’s a Family Affair with Palaye Royale

mainBy Gary Susalis

Born in Toronto and raised in Las Vegas, the boys found themselves immersed in music at a young age. In their late teens, the brothers would trade the “City of Sin” for the “City of Angels,” founding Palaye Royale.

They also did things the old-fashioned way, insisting on playing hundreds of shows before cutting a proper album. They would embark on the High School Nation Tour two years in a row in addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Camp Freddy. At the insistence of Alex Burdon—daughter of The Animals singer Eric Burdon—Sumerian Records caught one show, was effectively blown away, and signed the group the same night. In the summer of 2015, Palaye Royale recorded Boom Boom Room (Side A) in just three weeks’ time with the help of another legend… (more…)


5 Questions with Oshie Bichar from Beartooth

OshieBy Gary Susalis

1. First off, huge congrats on breaking into the Top 5 on the charts! How do you think radio’s love and support for the band has affected your most recent success?

Being on the radio is cool! It’s pretty wild to see a Beartooth song getting so much love in that world. If it’s bringing more people to the shows, we’re all for it!

2. Until recently, the rock genre seemed to be carried by the legacy artists who have been carrying the torch for nearly 2 decades. Now, there seems to be a new era of bands that are ready to take charge and lead the genre into the next era. Besides Beartooth, what other bands do you feel are the leaders of Rock and what is it about you and the other bands that have been drawing the masses in droves to your shows and to listen to your music? (more…)


Cutter Fangirling with Bring Me the Horizon

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.56.13 AMAs Cutter sits down backstage with Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish from Bring Me the Horizon the subject of “fangirling” comes up. You know, having that moment with your favorite band or artist where you are such a huge fan that you just can’t even bring yourself to talk to them or you if you do you make a fool of yourself? We’ve all had those moments and those who haven’t, wish they had. Time to get in touch with our inner fangirl and an in depth conversation with Bring Me The Horizon about writing, doing things your own way, That’s the Spirit and much more.



For Better Or Worse – Citizen Zero

Tommy DeBenedictis and co-manager Rick Smith of Wild Justice Management, (guiding last year’s sales break-out band I Prevail), have a great thing going with Detroit’s Citizen Zero.  But if you’re within earshot of the enthusiastic Tommy D, then you’ve already heard the news. The band really brings it live as I saw for myself at Rock on the Range.  If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the single, “Go (let me save you).”  The band’s first major release (Wind-Up/Concord) “State of Mind” is in stores August 12.  Stand out tracks include current single “Go (Let Me Save You),” “Lure and Persuade,” and “When the Rain Comes.”  Check them out on tour, see when when they are coming to your market and bring the band into your studio for an acoustic or plugged in performance….. (more…)


Scratching the Surface with Through Fire

TFBANDPIClowresThe Through Fire single “Stronger” is one of those records from an emerging new artist that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of core artists’ releases to the Active Rock format. The track has been on the Active Rock chart for 22 weeks and has been a top ten best selling single at the format for the last 6 of those weeks. Sales this week top 1600. Those who are playing the record are driving the sales along with great word of mouth from their live performances and the band had a great reception at the Chicago Open Air Festival. They will be playing a show for WJJO at the Dane County Fair on July 22. New supporting stations are KXXR Minneapolis, WZOR Appleton Wisconsin, and KDOT Reno. The band will begin touring with Nonpoint on July 30, then join Sick Puppies on September 18. KLAQ’s Kevin Vargas had the band to the station for an acoustic lunch and was so impressed that he asked them to play a station function three days later; the official station add followed. Something is cooking here and it’s time to revisit the single in your meeting this week. Enjoy our Artist Profile of the band.Robert England (more…)


Twists, Turns and Musical Convocations with GEMINI SYNDROME

Gemini SyndromepiclogoWe are so excited that Gemini Syndrome is now part of the Another Century family. Our friend Mark Abramson a man of such passion now has the reins of a speeding horse.  The band’s debut release (Lux) came out through Warner/ADA and went on to scan over 35,000 units
“Stardust” went Top 20 at Active Rock and also downloaded over 63,000 times and has just about 2 million Spotify listens and close to 3 million views on a simple lyric video

Now they have joined the Century Label Group and are rolling strong on their 2nd release Memento Mori. The first track released to the world is a song called “Anonymous” and came with a bad-ass 360 degree video… (more…)