OshieBy Gary Susalis

1. First off, huge congrats on breaking into the Top 5 on the charts! How do you think radio’s love and support for the band has affected your most recent success?

Being on the radio is cool! It’s pretty wild to see a Beartooth song getting so much love in that world. If it’s bringing more people to the shows, we’re all for it!

2. Until recently, the rock genre seemed to be carried by the legacy artists who have been carrying the torch for nearly 2 decades. Now, there seems to be a new era of bands that are ready to take charge and lead the genre into the next era. Besides Beartooth, what other bands do you feel are the leaders of Rock and what is it about you and the other bands that have been drawing the masses in droves to your shows and to listen to your music?

I think there are a lot of cool things happening in rock right now. Legacy bands like Metallica and Korn are putting out fantastic albums. But on the younger side of things, cool bands like Sylar and Hands Like Houses are bringing a fresh vibe to the airwaves. We just go out there and rock, and hope that people like it — and it seems to be working out so far!

3. This summer you guys will be on Warped Tour. Do you approach festival shows differently than you do traditional club gigs? What do you do to pass the time at festivals when you’re not performing?

We honestly play the same show at a festival that we would in a club. We’re not much for planning things out. We just try to headbang as hard as we can.

Down time at warped tour can get boring but it’s fun to watch other bands or just relax and have a beer in the shade to stay cool!

4. With social media covering your every move, does the band have any kind of policies in place to preserve privacy or is the band a open to sharing everything? To follow up on that, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen posted about the band or one of its members online that was FALSE?

I feel like we’re all pretty smart and can use common sense on what to post and what not to post.

There’s a rumor going around that we got paid a million dollars by our record label. Hey maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not!

5. If you could share the stage with an artist that would shock your fans, who would it be and why them?

Bruno Mars. His new record is so good!